Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graduation Invitations

My husband and I waiting for the graduation but until not we did not get it from soem reason. I hope we can make it to her graduation party because this year our schedule is somewhat hectic. I also need to make graduation invitations for my nieces because my sis ask me if I can do it for her. I know she is not that great in making one so for my niece sake I am going to make it special for her. I really hope that next time she graduate were alble to make it so that she is the happiest girl in the world. I am not going to primisr anything to her but were going to do our best to make it on her very especial day. I know that she wants to come to me someday but will see how it will goes for her. She needs to finish her degree first and then she can move on later. I really miss them I hope somedday were able to hang around again. If I get hired with this job that I am hoping to get in my hubby and I am going to be alright with the finances. Right now we have to tighten our built. But, I know were going to make. it. Anyway, I have to do some errands never get done even I did work since morning. I guess I just need to go to bed so that tomorrow I can finish some of the chores. Have a good one all!

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