Thursday, March 29, 2012


I been so busy for the past few weeks I am so happy that I will finally have a two days off in the next few weeks so I am going to do something fun for the kids. I am going to plan my weekend ahead so I hope it turn out good for all of us.

My big girl is wondering why I am working all the time so I need to make up to her so that she knows that I love her even Mom is always busy working. My little girl does not mind a lot that I am gone so I guess she is fine. I am glad that dad is there to watch them when I am gone so they do not have to deal with daycare.

It is so expensive to put them on daycare it just like my whole wages go to daycare if I put them in there so it is not worth if I work and I have to put the kids in daycare.

Anyway, you all have a good day and thanks for the visit friends.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friends' Jobs

Contributed by Vickie Tyson

My friends are all talking about getting raises and promotions and all I can think about is that my job is totally dead end. I mean, it’s a good job for now but there’s no real room for advancement in this role and I really don’t know what I would do with myself if I had to sit at this cubicle for years and years. My boss is nice enough but being an assistant isn’t exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for years, you know? I recently looked up satellite tv Bronx providers and realized I’m not even making enough to afford the premium channels…isn’t that depressing? I need to get out of this dead end job sooner rather than later because I’m afraid if I keep working here I’m just going to get stuck. It’s nice having a paycheck but I would rather have a position that makes me feel totally fulfilled and not so…bored, you know? I need to talk to my friends about whether or not they know of any great openings anywhere.


It is been a long time since I updated this one but oh well I am just so busy with kids and work all the time so I guess I have an excuse to say that all the time lol. But that is true though I work like crazy everyday so I am going to make sure next time that I can do update once a week at least.

I really do not want this site to be empty so I am going to do my best I promise. I am also going to check out if I can change the layout it just like the layout does not work normal anymore.

I hope I have enough time to do it later or else tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for the visit guys and have a good one!