Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My hubby and I agreed that on my birthday we were going somewhere and do some fun. We were going to watch basketball because he likes to see his favorite player. Well, I am not really into basketball but as long he wants it does not matter to me as long he is happy. Right now I need to check how much is the tickets so that I can budget our money. Good thing that I have few months left so I still can saves so that our vacation is all worth it. I really hope that we both enjoy because this is the vacation that were waiting for a long time. Few people are excited to see us so I hope everything goes well. I need to start doing my planner so that when we get their everything is planned and we know what to do. I really want to enjoy as long as I can because I do not know when can we take vacation again. You all have a good one!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Singing Auditions

My cousin is really good in singing and I keep telling him that he need to try to do singing auditions in the city and he just answer me he will going to do it pretty soon. I hope that he really do something with his talent because I know he is gifted. No doubt that he can make it to the finally because he is such a good singer. I wish my daughter will be good in singing but I do not really see a sign yet but who knows her singing talent will show up one of these days lol. Well, it is my fault though I do not really expose her in singing. I should start at her early age so that someday it is easier for her to learn. I need to find a singing coach and I am sure it will make a big difference. Anyway, if you are planning to do some singing auditions I will recommend you to check out the link that provided above thanks!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Zenni Optical

My hubby and I really did not enjoy the weekend because he lost his wallet. It just like we spend a day to find it. After we realize that we cannot find it where possible he drop the wallet or put it we stop looking for it. Saturday we decide to go in the city and while we are in the store I did try to look some glasses and I cannot find what I want. I know I needed a glasses pretty soon because the one that I have has a lot of scratches. I always know that if I cannot find it in the store there is a lot of selection at Zenni Optical. I better start shopping now because when I need it I have it on hands. Anyway, if you are looking for a cheap glasses online I will recommend you to check out their website now. There is a lot of glasses to choose from! The good news is they offer affordable glasses. Time for me to do some errands now my baby start bugging me while I am in the computer. You all have a good one and thanks for the visit.


My hubby and I went for a drive last night because I was craving for food but when we get into the restaurant it just close. We run out of profane last night so I was not able to make anything. I decided to have some muffin last night and then when I woke up this morning I was still starving. I went to the kitchen to see if I can make a quick breakfast and then I realize there is not electricity. It just like some stuff does not cooperate lol. Well, I just call hubby and I ask him if he can go to the store now and get profane. I really need something so that I can get my energy back. It is been few days that I really did not eat well so I really want to make something so that my belly will be happy. I hope you all having a good time thanks for the visit.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graduation Invitations

My husband and I waiting for the graduation but until not we did not get it from soem reason. I hope we can make it to her graduation party because this year our schedule is somewhat hectic. I also need to make graduation invitations for my nieces because my sis ask me if I can do it for her. I know she is not that great in making one so for my niece sake I am going to make it special for her. I really hope that next time she graduate were alble to make it so that she is the happiest girl in the world. I am not going to primisr anything to her but were going to do our best to make it on her very especial day. I know that she wants to come to me someday but will see how it will goes for her. She needs to finish her degree first and then she can move on later. I really miss them I hope somedday were able to hang around again. If I get hired with this job that I am hoping to get in my hubby and I am going to be alright with the finances. Right now we have to tighten our built. But, I know were going to make. it. Anyway, I have to do some errands never get done even I did work since morning. I guess I just need to go to bed so that tomorrow I can finish some of the chores. Have a good one all!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Using Medical Alerts in an Emergency Situation

One of the worst fears of many people who are living on their own whether they are elderly, or they are people that are suffering from some sort of disability, the worst fear has to be something happening, whether it is a medical emergency, or some other kind of situation, and no one is there to be able to help you through it. Technology has changed this, and made it so much easier for people who are disabled or elderly to live by themselves without having to feel as if they are a burden to the family members or the friends that are taking the time out of their lives in order to make sure that they are taken care of. Technology has helped this process, because there are a multitude of different electronic devices that can be used in order to give you the peace of mind while you are away at work, or if you happen to be living with a disability, it is a great way to have peace of mind while you are living on your own. The thought of something happening while being alone is a scary thought for a lot of people., but it is still something that you may end up having to deal with, so it is better to be prepared just in case something happens. When most of us think of something like a medical alert, we think of the plastic device that the wearer has around their neck. There is a button that is available for the user to push that connects them directly with someone who is monitoring the device for the patient. If there is a problem, or some kind of medical emergency, these kinds of devices are instrumental in saving lives during any kind of medical emergency. They can also help to reduce the time that it takes for emergency medical personnel to respond to the situation. Having some kind of medical alert is also something that can increase the likelihood of saving someone's life if they are in trouble, whatever the reason may be. There are all different kinds of devices that can provide a medical alert for anyone who needs it. The trick is finding something that works for what you need, and your particular lifestyle. This can help to ensure that not only does the method that you choose work, but it is also something that you or the person that you are purchasing the device for will use. It is also important that these devices are not the only security measures that you have in place. You still want to have secondary plan in place, in case the first one for whatever reason does not work out. Everyone should do the best that they can to maintain their relationships with the people that are in their lives so that in case something does happen, they have someone that they can call on in order to help them if it is needed at any point.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Few Minutes

I just have few minutes left before I got to work and I am not even doen with all the chores. It just like my work never end in the house. I guess it is what it is. I am just going to do them tomorrow again when I have time. I did not even feed the baby yet and myself. How, I wish I did wake up earlier than normal so that all the chores that need to be done is done in time. I do not need to hurry to do them. That is my chores everyday but I guess life would be boring if people do not have to do much. Anyway, I am going to do more update when I have the chance later I hope you all having a good day. Time for me to do something elase or lese I will be late for work Bye for now!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Law Firm

I am really sad that one of our family member is getting divorce. Instead of working things out the give up easily. I fell sorry for those kids because having a broken family will not do any good with them. When the girls come over in our house I can tell that their unhappy. Oh well, I guess it is a normal situation here but I really do not agree to divorce but that is my opinion anyway. There is no sense in getting married when you are not sure to be in that person till death do us part. I just wish that the can straight out their situation but the only thing I can wish is best for them. My sister-in-law even search for a law firms and I know that she did not find one yet so I am going to recommend to her the one that I found online. I know that they handle divorce case so I hope she will check it out soon so that she can figure what she want to do. If you are going through something and you are looking for a law firm I will recommend you to check out the link provided above. Thanks for the visit and you all have a wonderful day. Time for me to run errands and then drop off the girls to the land and then go to work and make money. Have a good day everyone and be safe bye for now see you for more update.


I really hate the layout right now. I guess it because I do not have time to set down and trying to figure things out. I hope the leave the stop alone like it used to because people are used to it and do not need additional work. I am just so busy all the time that is why when I go online my only purpose is to work and get the stuff done. Like today I did not even have time to eat breakfast because I have to do some work at my daughter school. It is really hard to budget my time when I have to work and do all the chores at home. I hope it is like back home that I can ask helping hand anytime. I guess I should not complain because this is the life that I choose. I just need to be happy and deal with it. I am just a human and it is a nature to be unhappy sometimes. I hope you all having a good day thanks for the visit.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A good beach tote for some good beach fun

Guest post written by Betty Cox

It might seem a little early to start thinking about my beach wardrobe, but we're actually going on a cruise very soon so we need make sure that we're ready to have lots of beach stuff on the ready in a few weeks. It's been a little bit of a rush to do all that for three growing kids, in addition to all of our normal scheduled stuff.

Shopping online has made it a little bit easier for me and when I was doing that one night for my son's swimming trunks I saw some info on debt consolidation. I forwarded it to my husband and after we looked through it we decided to use that service for ourselves.

I was finally able to secure all of the warm weather clothes that we're going to need for this upcoming cruise and I'm so excited about it! I know it's going to be a whole lot of fun and I'm hoping that it will also be quite relaxing for us. Getting ready for it has been so stressful by itself!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I been so busy for the past few weeks I am so happy that I will finally have a two days off in the next few weeks so I am going to do something fun for the kids. I am going to plan my weekend ahead so I hope it turn out good for all of us.

My big girl is wondering why I am working all the time so I need to make up to her so that she knows that I love her even Mom is always busy working. My little girl does not mind a lot that I am gone so I guess she is fine. I am glad that dad is there to watch them when I am gone so they do not have to deal with daycare.

It is so expensive to put them on daycare it just like my whole wages go to daycare if I put them in there so it is not worth if I work and I have to put the kids in daycare.

Anyway, you all have a good day and thanks for the visit friends.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friends' Jobs

Contributed by Vickie Tyson

My friends are all talking about getting raises and promotions and all I can think about is that my job is totally dead end. I mean, it’s a good job for now but there’s no real room for advancement in this role and I really don’t know what I would do with myself if I had to sit at this cubicle for years and years. My boss is nice enough but being an assistant isn’t exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for years, you know? I recently looked up satellite tv Bronx providers and realized I’m not even making enough to afford the premium channels…isn’t that depressing? I need to get out of this dead end job sooner rather than later because I’m afraid if I keep working here I’m just going to get stuck. It’s nice having a paycheck but I would rather have a position that makes me feel totally fulfilled and not so…bored, you know? I need to talk to my friends about whether or not they know of any great openings anywhere.


It is been a long time since I updated this one but oh well I am just so busy with kids and work all the time so I guess I have an excuse to say that all the time lol. But that is true though I work like crazy everyday so I am going to make sure next time that I can do update once a week at least.

I really do not want this site to be empty so I am going to do my best I promise. I am also going to check out if I can change the layout it just like the layout does not work normal anymore.

I hope I have enough time to do it later or else tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for the visit guys and have a good one!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teens and Internet

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

We are having to make some new family rules since we got Saint Ignace internet in our home. With teenagers and young children in the home, I am learning that you really need to be aware of and involved in their online activity. One of the first things we did was move our computer from the office to the kitchen. This way when the kids are using the internet they are still in the mix of everyone and not secluded alone. We also taught them guidelines for what they can and can't share on the internet. My son loves to go on this website where people can chat about the video games they play and tricks that they have learned for the games. I told him to not private message with anyone and not to mention him name or address. We also set rules for then they are allowed to have a Facebook account. I am glad that we got internet so that we are able to teach our kids how to use it properly. It can be a great thing, but it can also be a very dangerous thing.

Love School

I am happy that my daughter loves school. So, paying her monthly tuition is worth it because she enjoys it very much. Even, when she was sick the last time she doesn't want to miss the school she gets up and prepare herself.

Well, the reason she enjoys it because she has a much kids to play with. I hope next year when she goes to pirate she enjoys it also because it will going to be different because it will be longer hours.

Oh well, will see what will happen. This summer I am going to see what else she can do aside from going to summer school once a week. I cannot believe that she is growing so fast. I really hope that everything goes well with her.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nomorerack Reviews

I was watching tv earlier and my husband change the channel so I decided to do my own thing and let him watch the tv program that he wants. I really did not like it when he change the channel but I have no choice because he wants to watch the tv shows.

Well, anyway while I was not so happy I did some searching it kind the change my mood when I seen a good deal online. I like to go shopping when it is cheap because I like to save money. I like reading the nomorerack reviews because people says good thing about them. I am going to see if for myself and I will let you know later. Right now I need to do some list what is the thing we need in the house. I am also going to check out nomorerack scam to see what is says. Well, if you want to know more information do not hesitate to click the link that provided above. Thanks and you all have a good one!


I am so lazy to get up this morning but I did not have a choice because I have to bring my daughter to school. Finally, that I am awake I can do some chores and spend time with my little one after working with my stuff.

I need to start reading her a book so that she learns how to read in her young age. Well, I do not want her to have hard time when she goes to school so right now is the right time to train her.

Anyway, I forget that I need to make some snack for my little one. You all have a good day and thanks for the visit.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flowers Online

Few more days and it is valentines already. I am not ready yet because I need to think something that I can give to my husband. He is somewhat picky so I guess the simpliest is better. I know that he will not say anything whatever I give him so I really need to think what is the best gift that I can give him.

Anyway, he already know what I want for valentines so the other day I caught him checking out flowers online so I know that it will be deliver on time. I love flowers and he knows it. Every valentines he never failed giving me flower so for sure he will not disappoint me. I like it when I was in my country back home because whenever we have misunderstanding he always send flowers. He knows what is my weakness so after receiving the flowers everything is back to normal.

If you need flowers for your loved ones I recommend you to check out the link that provided above thanks for the visit.

Not Around

I am happy that my oldest daughter is not around so I did a lot of chores today. My youngest daughter is with me so she is the only one bugging me right now. I hope I can finish some of my stuff online so that I will not worried about that it will expired before I get to it.

I need money so I need to work hard. I really hope that our financial status will be better this year. My hubby and I am planning to take a vacation next year so I hope it goes well. You all have a good night and thanks for the visit. Time for me so start working so will see you in a little bit.

Friday, January 27, 2012


It was nice to see my friend once again because we have a nice chitchat. I found out that she is having trouble to get a financing for her house so I recommend her to check out website because they offer informative information about mortgage. Well, she was happy when she found out that she has another source of website that she can check out so she was really thankful to me. I know a lots of people do not know what to do when they are having trouble to get a loan so their tutorial page is really helpful. They have all the information that they need so if I were you I recommend you to check out the website.

Anyway, buying a house is a lot of process because when my hubby and I purchase our house I was getting really stressful but with the help of informative site it give me ease how to handle in purchasing a house. Anyway, I hope you all having a good day. Time for me to get ready soon and thanks for the visit.

Five Days

After five days of being sick my hubby and I finally decided to bring our daughter to the hospital. I was kind of worried because she has the non stop fever but today we found out that she has RSV which is that sickness is common right now to the community.

Anyway, the doctor told us that normally it last for 10-15 days so I am going to expect that our sweetie will not fell good for another few days. She is doing much better though so I hope her sickness will goes away pretty soon. Her antibiotics help her a lot so hopefully soon her cough is gone too.

I fell bad that she is sick all I can do take care of her and give her needs. You all have a good one and thanks for the visit.