Thursday, October 27, 2011


My husband does not really care whatever I buy as long the stuff that I bought I am going to used it. Lately, he noticed that I keep buying and buying shoes so he made a comment if I am going to wear all of them. Well, actually most of the stuff that I buy I just wear them couple times and after that I just stock them in the closet. I admit that I like collecting shoes and my favorite thing to do when I am at home is to check out if there is new offer.

I love checking out the website because they offer fashionable shoes and any shoes that woman need they have it. So, if you know someone looking for a stylish shoes and do not know where to go I will recommend you to check out the website. At their website you will find the shoes that you're looking for. Thanks and I hope you all have a good day.

Monday, October 3, 2011


My oldest daughter is getting so spoiled to gets what she wants she will going to cry and cry. I do not really like to yell her at all the time but I have no choice sometimes because she doesn't listen when I speak her softly. My hubby told me not to give in easily when she wants something because if I keep continuing spoiling her she will turn out a spoiled kids.

Well, I do not want her to be that way so I am going to start doing something before it is too late. Anyway, I better start feeding my youngest daughter now so that I can just get ready for work later. I know it will going to be a challenging week for me so I am not really that excited.

You all have a good one and thanks for the visit.

Home shopper

Content by Mitch Osborne

My grandmother loves the Home Shopping Network. Ever since she got direcTV Service, she has been watching HSN and ordering us all sorts of gifts that we don’t really need. Just last week she gave me a sweater that she bought on HSN that felt like velvet and had cats on it. I can never say no to her so I just thanked her, but I really do not want her to waste her money on gifts that I do not need. One thing I do not mind her buying for me on HSN is jewelry. She has excellent taste in jewelry. I am always relieved when she tells me she bought me something and pulls out a small box because I know I will not be disappointed with what she picked out for me. I can’t help but laugh when my brother tells me that Grandma bought him some kind of toy on HSN. She forgets that he is 20 years old, and usually buys him some kind of riding toy or remote control car. I think part of the problem with her obsession with HSN is that she does not get out of the house enough. I think I will make it my goal to take her somewhere twice per week to get her out of the house. After all, I can only take so many cat sweaters.

Choice Not To Do Anything

I am super busy, when it is my day off I choice not to do anything so that I can relax and get my energy back before going back to work. Lately, every weekend my hubby and I always go out so I really do not have time to go online and update my stuff. Oh well, excuses I know but sometimes there are some priority. My baby is getting so big I cannot believe she is about a year old already in the next couple months.

It is just like she grows up like a weed. I know that she cannot stay a baby forever so I am just going to enjoy her while she is still young. I am glad that I am back to second shift so I am going to have a better rest. Last night I sleep so early and still I am tired. I know I need to get energy vitamins so I am going to ask hubby about that.

Anyway, you all have a good one folks