Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adirondack Chairs

I am so tired for some reason. I have hard time opening my eyes, which is I cannot go to bed yet because I have some chores to do. Before I go to bed I am going to check out Adirondack chairs because my hubby want to know how much it will going to cost us when we buy a new one. I know that we need to replace our old chairs but will see if it fits in our budget. I am going to check our financial status tomorrow so that I know if all the stuff that we need I can just purchase it in one time. I would like to buy also a Picnic Tables or Park Benches so that when the family has a get together we can use that kind of stuff.

Anyway, if you are looking for Site Furnishings I will recommend you to click the link that I provided above. Time for me to get ready my daughter wants my attention so I hope you enjoy your visit today. See you again for more update and thanks for the visit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Medical Plan

I hate to see my daughter's tooth rotten at her young age. I know that she is like us so I am going to see if it will going to be prevented. I am going to make an appointment to see dentist so I am going to ask their opinion to see what we can do to her teeth. My daughter's teeth need to be fixed soon so I hope I can see a dentist next week.

I also have plan to change our dental plan and medical plan because I do not like the insurance that we have right now. My hubby told me that he found affordable stuff so I am going to check it out to make sure that it is really a good deal. Anyway, if you are looking for health plan and do not know where to go please check out the link that provided above and it will bring you directly to the website. Have a good one folks and thanks for the visit.

Sleep All Day Long

I am lucky that my daughter decided to sleep all day long LOL. She, just wake up so far when she is hungry so I am going to work and work while she is sleeping. I am also going to clean the house early so that later when I decided to lay down before I go to work I can because all my chores are done.

I always make sure that before I go to work the house is clean so that when I get home all I have to do is rest. I like to come home in a clean house so everyday my life is so busy with chores plus kids. Well, I am not complaining I am enjoying it LOL. Anyway, you all have a good one see you for more update.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Glass Restoration

This weekend my hubby and I am going to check out the whole house. We were going to fixed those scratched so I am going to check out scratched glass repair company to see how much it will cost us. I know a company that offers glass restoration so I am going to call them later. My hubby and I am going to sell the house pretty soon so we need to do some checking so that when someone look the house it is presentable. I know that my girls did some damage so if we are not that busy this weekend we have to finish inspecting the house so that we know what needed to be done.

I am going to make an appointment of glass scratch repair company because I want to fixed the scratched as soon as possible before the scratched get worse. Anyway, if you are looking forward to fixed your scratched glass for very affordable price I will recommend you to check out the link above. Thanks!

One More To Go

One more to go and I am done. Yepeh I am so excited because my work will be over and all I have to worry is my real job later. I am going to work late tonight so I will be very tired when I get home.

I need the extra work because I need money so I am going to do my best so that I can keep my job. I like to work and work because I have been jobless for many months now so I have to work hard so that we can pay our bills. I am going to be really happy if I can help my parents monthly so I am going to talk to hubby about it. I know that we still have long ways to recover our financial status so whatever it takes I guess as long we can pay some bills.

Anyway, you all have a good one folks and thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last night before my hubby and I went to bed we talk for about an hour. He keeps telling me that I need to go to bed because he knows that I need to get sleep so that when I go to work I have the energy. I did not listen to him at first I keep bugging and bugging him until I ask him if he was a heavy smoker when he was young. Well, he did admit that he smoke before but it change when he has kids.

He does not want to smoke anymore because he knows that it will not do any good for him. I remember when I was young my father smoke packs of cigarette. He was really a heavy smoker which is I did not like it. I guess that was the stuff that makes him happy so I did not dear to tell him to stop smoking. Anyway, if you know someone that smoke and you want to buy them something I will recommend you to check out the link above thanks.

Doctor's Appointment

My daughter told me that she want to watch her movie in the living room I try to turn on the big TV but it did not turn on for me so she was sad. I told her that she can watch shows in the laptop so she was happy to hear that.

I do not have plan to get up yet in the bed this early but I do not have a choice because no one will going to watch them. Both my daughters are awake now and my eyes are not cooperating. I am always tired because I do not get the sleep that I need. I might ask for sleeping pills but I am sure I need prescription with it.

I am going to asks the doctor next week since my baby and hubby has the doctor's appointment. See you guys later thanks for the visit.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Life Insurance

My youngest daughter is sleeping right now in her bed she is been sleeping for at least couple hours now, I hope she still sleep for at least few more minutes so that when she wakes up I am all done with my chores. I have to search insurance because I have plan to switch all the insurance that we have in order to save money. My hubby and I agreed that we need to save money so that we can use the money that were going to save in some other stuff.

I am hoping to find the insurance that will suit for us so I hope my search goes well. I like to find affordable life insurance and mortgage so I better start checking some stuff now. I will be happy if we can find affordable insurance before the end of the month so that I am done worrying with it. Bye for now and see you later folks.

Telling Myself

I keep telling myself that I have to hurry so that I can rest but my brain is not cooperating I do not even know what to write at this moment so it took me long time to finish my tasks. I know it is hard to do multi tasking so I hope I can handle and get used to it.

I am still in the first week of my job so I still have a lot of adjustment to do. I really hope that it goes well for me because I really like the job that I have right now and besides there is just a few minute driving involve. I hope I can keep the job for a while until I figure out something else.

Anyway, thanks guys for the visit you all have a good day. Bye for now!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Direct TV

My daughter likes to watch kids program all day long. I know that watching tv all day long is not good for her that is why sometimes I let her play in her room instead of seating down in the couch all day long. This morning she knows that she can watch her favorite show she asks me to turn on the tv, when I turn on the tv the program did not come in because we do not have signal. The signal in our area is come and goes so I think we were going to get Direct TV because I know my daughter will likes it and she can watch more kids program. I really like it when she watch the learning channel because she learns a lot from it. Sometimes I am surprise the way she learns stuff. I am going to mention to her about my plan I know that she will going to be happy.

Anyway, I am going to check out Satellite TV later after I get done with my stuff. Right now I need to finish to cook my stuff because I am hungry. If you guys are looking for Satellite TV I will recommend you to check out the link above thanks for the visit.

Lay Down

Last night I went to bed around 5:00pm. I did not feel well so I told my hubby to take care of the kids while I am going to rest. I taught that after resting for many hours I am going to be ok but after I woke up I feel the same so drowsy and my belly was so upset. I went back and fort to the bathroom to vomit but it did not help at all.

I decided to get up around midnight and put something in my belly but after eating for a little bit I vomit and vomit again. I lay down and went to bed and I fall asleep until morning. I was happy that after I woke up this morning I fell little bit better. I wake up with headache but I manage to do some household chores today and take care of my little one.

I hope you all having a good day thanks for the visit.