Friday, August 20, 2010


My hubby and I decided to run to Menards last night and we got home late. I taught I cannot do my assignment but I made it on time. Thanks god that I was able to work last night because every little stuff helps.

I hope I have a lot of work so that it helps us a little bit I know we are in a financial crisis right now but I know god is always there watching over us. Time will come that will be ok again.

I hope the buyer can affords to buy our other house so that everything will goes good.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Outer Banks Rentals

My family and I always go vacation when we have the money because we are the kind of people that wanna have some fun when we have the extra cash. This year we went vacation twice already so when our house sales for sure we were going to take a vacation somewhere. I hope our house sales pretty soon so that my family and I can go in North Carolina and stay at Outer Banks rentals because the place is perfect for us. My kid likes to do outdoor activities such as swimming, sight seeing and many more. My hubby and I like to walk in the beach with holding hands.

When I saw the Carolina Designs on the web it amaze me how pretty it is. I even showed hubby the picture because it looks so perfect for our dream vacation. Well, I just have to wait for the right time. I hope it comes fast though so that my dream vacation will become true.


Now, that I am staying at home I do not like it at all. How I wish I am not pregnant right now so that I can go out and find a job. I know I still have long way to go but having no money in my hands make me stressed especially that we have to pay many bills.

I am not sure yet how can we survive because my hubby and I do not have a job right now. I should not resign cleaning because it helps us a lot when it comes to financial.

Anyway, I hope we can find something else online because if not I do not know what to do.

Business Card Printing

I need to do something for my online business because it seems I have hard time in getting costumer. I might get a business card printing so that I can give it to people.

I am sure it will going to help to expose my business and aside from that I really need to focus my goal. Lately, I do not have the determination how can I make money and I know I needed it to run my online business.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bed Early

I might go to bed early tonight since I fell so tired. I did not do much aside from doing all the household chores. How, I wish I have the energy to work and work online so that all my stuff will be done.

I guess I am going to finish them tomorrow since my laziness is start striking. My daughter is tired so I am going to put her to her bed. I am going to give her a quick rice and then it is bed time for both of us.

What a rough day LOL.


It was pretty dang hot in our place for about a week now. My daughter keeps saying that she wanna go swimming which is the problem we do not have swimming pool in the house. The swimming pool is not hook up this year so I have to drive for about 30 minutes just to go bring them to the lake.

Well, I am kinda lazy I am not in a mood to go drive their everyday especially when its hot. I just brought my daughter so far in the lake at least twice this year so I cannot blame her if she wanna go swimming.

Anyway, take a look at the picture you can tell that she loves swimming LOL.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Led Christmas Lights

Christmas is just around the corner and of course my family and I am going to be busy again since Christmas is a big thing for us. This year we were going to celebrate the party in our house so I am going to make sure that we have the led christmas lights so that we can save energy.

I like to order the led christmas lights pretty soon so that we can prepare early before the holiday. I like decorating the house because it shows the true meaning of Christmas.

Not Happy

I am not happy anymore staying in the house although I like it but I do not like the idea that I do not have the money anymore. I taught staying at the house makes me happy but I was wrong.

If I am not pregnant right now I am going to go out and find a job that makes me happy. I like to have a job that I am going to like because it is easier for me to handle and not to get stress with it.

Part of the Blue Crew: Why I Love the Indianapolis Colts

Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

For me, all other NFL teams pale in comparison to the Indianapolis Colts. I am an Indiana girl, so it makes sense that the Colts are my favorite team. But my love for the Colts is more than Hoosier pride. The Colts are a superior team on every level, and they make it easy to be a fan.

Need a reason to cheer for the Colts? Two words: Peyton Manning. Manning is one of the best quarterbacks ever, with four NFL MVP awards under his belt. He's serious about the game, avoiding personal drama. I also love Peyton because of the philanthropic work he does, including his support of the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.

Peyton isn't the only great Colts player. Players like Dwight Freeny, Bob Sanders, and Reggie Wayne have me tuning in every week - on satellite tv, so I never miss a game. The way they work together as a team makes for great football.

The Colts also have the benefit of great coaching. Former head coach Tony Dungy is a hero to the city of Indianapolis, doing what no other Colts coach had done before: he took the Colts to the Superbowl in 2007. Coach Jim Caldwell carries on Dungy's tradition, taking the Colts back to the Superbowl in 2010.

There's no better team in football than the Indianapolis Colts.


I might go shopping later for the present that I am going to give to my friends daughter. Well, I was invited to attend birthday party and I did not buy any yet. I am sure my daughter will going to have a blast to see another kids like her.

Although she does not know to play with them but she will going to get used to it. She will going to become a big sister someday so I am going to prepare her. Anyway, I hope you all having a good day thanks for the visit.

Organization Has Helped Me Shopped for School Supplies

Content by Mac Kline

I tend to plan for everything, or at least I try to. So, shopping for back to school supplies is no different. Two weeks before, myself and my daughter plan the day out. Of course we take a break to eat out during our shopping trip. It's always something
healthy, though. The two of us go out and get the list of school supplies that the school puts in stores and we map out our day. We do go to Target; for us they seem to have the best deals. Sometimes, we just don't get everything we need at one store. This means shopping and looking around.

The night before the shopping trip, we set out our clothing and make sure that our bags are by the door; along with my keys that sit on the table at the door. Right before stepping out the door I make sure to set the security alarms system. This year, the first thing on our list was a book bag, specifically a messenger bag for her to carry her books in at school. This is to be filled with the folders, paper, and pencils with her name on them that we have gotten. It really helps to be organized when going shopping with teenagers. I can't imagine not having it orderly; it's not conducive to her or me for that matter.


Busy, Busy, Busy even I do not have to work outside in the house. Today, I need to catch up some work online and I am going to work and work so that tomorrow I can go to party without worrying stuff.

My goal for today is to get done with my online chores and household chores. I have a lot of stuff that needs to be done so I hope I can finish them today so that tomorrow will be my party day.

I am going to work hard today so that I have the peace of mind later. Thanks for the visit guys.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Decreasing my spending diet

Guest post written by Lacey Whittington

When I first heard about the concept for VH1’s “You’re Cut Off!” I thought it was funny, but not that funny. That’s probably because as a recent college graduate, I’m still getting used to living off my own money and not my parents’.

However, my spending habits were nowhere near what some of these cast members’ have admitted to on the show. For example, one contestant used her mom to pay for a bunch of her plastic surgery. If anything, this TV show has made me aware of my heavy spending and wanted to cut down on it.

One of the first expenses I wanted to lessen was my Internet bill. I consulted wildblue internet pricing and got wildblue satellite internet service.

So far it’s saved me quite a bit of money in comparison to the provider that I had before. I’ve used the high speed I enjoy with it to look up coupons and discounts on other things, whether it’s to some of my favorite clothing stores or groceries.

I guess this is just a part of growing up. I really don’t want to end up like those girls on that show.

Went to Work

My hubby and I went to work today but we did not work, that long because thew floor was not ready. It was too wet to put carpet so we just tear the carpet and then we sweep the floor and then leave.

I am not sure when my hubby will going to go back to work in that house. I would like to help him because working with him is fun. When I was working before I am kinda bored and was not happy anymore working that kind of job that is why I decided to quit.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cars, cars, cars; how I search for deals online

I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

Shopping for a car can be a rough, but I've learned to use search engines and friends advice to get the deal right for me. I have my faithful laptop and my hughesnet, I'm the surfing searching queen.

First, I make sure to narrow down the makes and models I'm interested in and that I know the limit of funds I have available for the purchase. Next, I check the Kelly Blue Book using my hughesnet internet packages to see what the cars are worth new and used to better know which I should be looking at. Then I use a search engine such as Google to get a few dealership websites to search for the cars I'm interested in. Finally, I also check the classified ads and Craigslist to see what used car options that are available.

I've also learned to check rental car company websites because they eventually sell the cars they use so that they always have the newest cars for customers. Enterprise offers some great deals, giving a certain amount more than the blue book value, and they often also offer a warranty.

After finding a few cars that are the style I like, include the features I want and are affordable for my budget, the option to make sure that model is on the lot and make an appointment to test drive is great. Thanks to satellite internet service MD I could be on my way soon with a nice new ride.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mbt Shoes

My birthday is coming pretty soon and I would like my hubby to buy me a mbt shoes and that would be my present from him. This year I am not going to celebrate my birthday because I just want to do it in simple way. Quiet and do my daily chores nothing special.

I hope before my birthday we found out what is the gender of our baby. We really hope it is a boy because we have enough girls in the house. Baby is a blessing so I guess we just have to enjoy them whatever the gender is.

Wisconsin Dells

My hubby and I went to WI Dells last weekend and we have so much fun. Although I did not swim but it was fun watching my daughter playing the water in the water park. She did not like the water too much but she will get used to it later on.

This summer I just bring her to the lake once so far and she had a blast. She likes playing the water as long the hairs do not get wet that is all matters to her. Anyway, I might bring her to the lake this weekend and I hope I am in a mood to drive.

Working as a chef

Guest post written by Karen Yoder

Being a chef is much more exciting than most people would think – and stressful. I work in a full-service restaurant that stays busy all the time and the kitchen stays pretty noisy and crowded.

Culinary school definitely didn’t prepare me for the hectic environment, but I don’t think anything can. You just have to be thrown into it and adapt accordingly. The other chefs and I will yell back and forth at each other about what we’re doing and need to do next. If you mishear something, then you could ruin a dish. That never happens to me, or I at least thought that until a few weeks ago when I misheard something and ruined an entrĂ©e as a result.

I knew this was something that shouldn’t happen again so I looked up hearing aid prices and got a hearing aide. It took a little adjustment to get used to all the increased noises that I heard in the kitchen, but I dove right in and never looked back. I love this job and just knew that I couldn’t let that compromise my position or reputation.

Late for Appointment

My daughter and I went to the hospital the other day and were late. I taught it was ok to be late for few minutes because my hubby told me that I need to hurry because I am running late. I just answer him I do not care.

I was standing in the register office for about 10minutes and then when it was my turn the lady asked me if I have an appointment. I answer to her yes I do, so she checked the time that I was supposed to be in there and she told me that I cannot see the doctor anymore because I arrived late.

Oh well that was a learning experience for me next time I will be on time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why "The Dark Knight" Is One of Our Favrorite Date Night Movies

I appreciate the guest post, Marian Combs

One of the efforts that my husband and I make to spend quality time together is that at least one night a week we have movie night. This is when we either go out and eat supper or order supper in, pick a movie that we ca both enjoy, sit back and enjoy each other's company. On our date nights we take turns choosing the movie, but we both make certain that the movie is one we can both enjoy. Luckily, we share alot of the same taste in movies, so this does help considerably.

One of the best movies that we chose for one of our date nights was The Dark Knight. We chose to watch this movie when it first premiered on tv satellite in Columbus. This movie had something in it to interest everyone. Needless to say it was packed full of action and adventure, which keeps you riveted to the screen, but there was also a touch of science fiction in it due to all of the techincal gadgetry involved. There was also the romantic angle in dealing with the love triangle between Rachel, Bruce and Harvey.

All in all this movie is one of the best date movies because it has something in it to attract everyone's entertainment taste in films. The list of talent involved alone makes it worth watching.

Quit My Job

I decided to quit my job because I was not so happy working for a long time. Next year maybe after my baby born I am going to find a job that makes me happy. Do not make me wrong work is not fun at all because it is called work but I rather work in things that I like to do.

I do not like staying at home because it means I do not have the money that I used to have but it is easier for me to stay home right now because my belly is getting really big.

I hope my income online will increase because you know money is kinda needed always.