Friday, July 30, 2010

MP3 players

I hate the boring traffic, for me it is non sense, and it just a waste of time, while I was on the way home I saw a teenager that enjoy his ride home, I guess his the only one appreciate traffic. He was busy listening on his MP3 players, he slightly move his head, he seems really enjoying the music, when I was looking on him he give me an idea to forget traffic.

I want to have those cool gadgets, when I got home I browse a site, it’s cool to have those very modern and handy gadget, I can’t wait to have my own mp3 players.

Halloween Invitations

My daughter recieved Halloween invitations she is invited to a children’s Halloween party this coming November our neighbor is the one who will manage the party so I am so excited for this event. My daughter told me that she is so excited too and she wants to wear a Princess costume because the party required to wear costume.

So, today I decided to surf in the net and I found this website and their offering amazing deal a lot of costume to choose from.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my Favorite Television Rerun to watch

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a story about a girl who fights against evil. The show surrounds a girl who looks like the California girl next door but she has superpowers that helps her fight against vampires and demons.

Vampire slayers are suppose to be the one girl who fights alone against the creatures of the night, however Buffy has proven to be a different type of slayer. She has a friend named Willow who becomes a witch and shows the viewers the fine line between evil and good. She also has a normal ordinary friend named Xander who fights the “good fight” just because he can not sit by and do nothing about the evil that walks the planet. Throughout the television series other friends enter the group and assist the slayer.

The show is about fighting evil, the bonds of friendship, the price one pays to find love, and it is all wrapped together with witty comments and great 90's style. I enjoy watching Buffy via cable tv specials during the summer when it is to hot to go outside, or when I am to tired to do much else after a long day of spending time outdoors.


Thanks hubby for the KFC my belly looks like nine months now LOL I am so full and I just wanna go to bed right now. But I know laying down is not good for me so I am going to go for a walk and burn calories.

I should not eat much because for just one month I gain about ten pounds. Six months more to go and I will be 160 pounds I cannot imagine how much bigger I am going to be because I never been that big before.

Anyway, I might do some diet but they told me that I should not do diet especially I am pregnant. Anyway, you all have a good one.

A new breeze

Guest post written by Marsha Gant

To say that I wasn’t impressed with my daughter’s rental house her senior year of college was an understatement. It was a little duplex that hadn’t been kept up very well, set back on a street in the historic district of her college’s town. But it was a short walk to campus and she could park there, which is what mattered the most to her. Besides, she was the one that had to live there for a year, not me.

One thing that she did need to change there when she moved was, there was no central air conditioning. Because it was a rental property, we weren’t going to pay to have a unit installed to cool the entire house, so we went shopping at Home Improvement Sears for a window unit for her bedroom. We also ended up buying one for her room and also another for the living room, where she claims she did most of her “studying.”

As college students at a Southern university, I think her and her roommates will be eternally grateful to us that we bought them those units. It was also worth it to not hear her complain about being hot every time I called her.

Preggy is tired

Preggy is tired I just get up on the bed and I still fell tired. Oh well, I guess it better for me to do something than doing anything because wether I work or not I feel the same tired.

I went out earlier in my garden to take out the grass that growing in my garden and I did not finish it so I better finish it later when the sun goes down. I know I have still long ways to go but I guess it does not matter because it need to be done.

You all have a great day and thanks for the visit.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

Until now my hubby and I did not figure out yet when are we going to change our motor insurance company because the one that we have charge a lot of money. My hubby is so busy to check out online which is in the past few weeks I was so busy too.

Today, when I check out online and do some research about motor insurance I found out that offers motor vehicle liability insurance at competitive rates. I was so excited after I saw their offers because I am sure my hubby will love to hear the good news.

If you or loved ones are looking for motor vehicle liability insurance I will recommend you to check out their website right now. To go in their website just simply click the link above. I am going to cross my fingers that you find what you are looking for. Thanks for the visit and you all have a good day. Bye for now.


I been so busy since morning since as usual my allergy wake me up which is so annoying when it happens. Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday and I forgot to mention my allergy so it was my fault.

My appointment went well and according to the doctor the baby is doing good inside in my tummy. My next visit to the doctor is five weeks from now so it will be by september first week.

By the way you all have fun.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weight Loss Diet Supplements

The weight loss diet supplements is what I need after the baby comes out because I can tell that I am gaining too much fat. Well, good thing that there is always alternative now that available in the market so it is not hard for me which one is the best one.

I already did my research online which one will be cheaper for me and work the best. So, if you are looking for diet supplements I will suggests you to check out the link above.


When I check out my rice this morning I did not like it because the smells is about to spoil. Well, it was my fault because before I went shopping yesterday I did not put the food in the fridge.

Before I go to work I am going to make rice because I wanna put something into my belly. It complains when I do not eat I should not starve myself since it is not good for the baby.

Anyway, you all have a good one and thanks for the visit.

It has to be really funny when I laugh out loud while watching tv

I appreciate the guest post, Graig Brooks
Every morning I have the same routine while watching tv. I always start my morning off watching my local tv news station followed by one of the major morning shows for two hours on, I then end my morning routine watching the Ellen Degeneres show.

The Ellen Degeneres talk show has to be one of the funniest shows on tv, it is so funny that I consider it to be a comedy show. I am lucky enough to watch it five mornings a week on my satellite tv. One of the funniest episodes that I enjoyed was when she had Dennis Quaid as a guest on her show. She had him wear an earpiece and whatever she said he had to repeat. He went into a local Starbucks where there was a hidden camera placed in his backpack. He starts off by saying Dennis Quaid is here, I was nominated for a golden globe, Dennis Quaid wants a coffee, I want a spice latte decaf, 140 degrees. He then asks for a cup of water, which he drinks, gargles and spits back into his cup. It ends with him finally telling the barista that he was being recorded for the Ellen Show.

I love watching this show every morning. There is never a day that she doesn't make me laugh.


Yesterday it was a fun day. You know why? We went shopping all day long. My hubby does not like to go shopping so he decided to stay in the car for many hours LOL while were having fun shopping at the mall.

I did find good deal when it comes to clothes so I was happy. My daughter likes to go shopping also because she likes carrying the plastic from the store. She pretends that was her stuff that I buy from the store, so I was happy to see her enjoying shopping also.

But oh gosh having three girls to go shopping with me kinda expensive LOL but oh well they have fun.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Disney, here I come!

This guest post from Josue Nichols

This summer I plan on going to Disney World, I'm so excited! I've been doing lots of research online, trying to find the best deals for hotels and flights as well as planning out my trip! I'm not sure what I want to see first, Epcot Center, because I really want to check out what they have for all the different countries, or the Animal Kingdom Theme Park because it's the largest animal themed park in the world! Last year when I used a travel agent I didn't get near the amount of information I wanted, and I wasn't able to plan every day out, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what was available to do, except for what was on those flimsy little brochures they give you, and let's face it, they don't tell you much! I feel like I missed out on so much at Busch Gardens last year, and it's a small fraction of the size of Disney World, I wasn't prepared! Unfortunately there really was nothing I could do about it though, seeing as how I just got my hughsnet hooked up last month through satellite internet providers in Kansas, last year I was on slow Dial Up and it would've taken forever to get everything I needed together!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Done Eating

Good morning everyone I just woke up my daughter and I just done eating breakfast. I usually do not cook for breakfast they normally eat cereal which is good for me because I am so lazy to cook.

Last night I did not cook for supper also because I was too tired to do it. Since I got pregnant my laziness always strikes me. Although I still go to work but after I get home I am going to go to bed right away.

Well, I guess it is normal for pregnant person to be tired all day long.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Every morning I wake up so early due to my runny nose. I guess my allergy is back again. I cannot think what kind of stuff I am allergy at home because normally I am not allergy with some stuff.

Usually I am just allergy with some animals and now there is something else bothering me. I am really tired when I do not get the sleep that I need because for few weeks now my sleep is just five hours.

I hope my sleeping schedule change because I wanna sleep longer during night time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poker night with the guys

Guest post written by Chuck Harris

Me and my buddies always get together on Friday nights to play poker. We’ll rotate the host each week but always bring our own drink of choice and smoke cigars.

That means that most of the time we’ll get stuck in the basement by our wives so we won’t make the living room smell like cigar smoke. My wife is especially adamant about this because we both quit smoking cigarettes a few years ago and the smoke smell seems to have just disappeared from our house. She isn’t happy about my cigar a week habit, but puts up with it.

We tend to get a little rowdy and loud, and about a few months ago Rick told us that we sounded like we needed to go get a hearing test like he had just done because we were talking too loud like old men. I knew he meant it to be a joke, but he was right. We were acting like ornery old men that couldn’t even hear ourselves talk.

We all brushed it off with an old man joke here and there but I did take the suggestion to heart. I noticed the week after that that Rick was wearing a hearing aid, but only because I looked for it once I realized he wasn’t talking as loud as the rest of us.

Long Weekend

I have a long day weekend and it was awesome because I did not have to work for four days including sat and sun. Well, I hope life is easy so that people do not have to work hard.

According to my friend hard work builds a good character which is I agree what she says. Some people are just being lazy and do not wanna work which is I am going to admit that I am one of them right now especially that I am pregnant.

I just wanna stay home and do nothing LOL...

Scuba Diving

Next year my hubby and I am going to go for a vacation. Were thinking in going out of country which is I am really excited because it is been few years the last time we are out of country. Although we always go vacation twice a year but is different when you can actually go to other country because it is super exciting vacation.

Well, I hope after I have my baby it goes well so that we can go for a Rock Climbing in some other country. I know it is still few months away but I cannot wait until next year. I am sure my daughter will going to have much fun because she also likes going to a places. She loves also Scuba Diving which it is will be interesting see her doing that kind of stuff.

Anyway, if you are planning to go for a vacation I will recommend you to check out the link above thanks.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Web Hosting Hub

I am tired all day long I did not do much aside from cleaning my daughters room. After it was messy for more than a week finally today it was picked and I am sure she is ready to make a new mess again. Oh well, that is life I guess always have to do something. I am going to buy a lock so that she cannot go in there since she is not staying in her room anyway.

Anyway, I chat with my friend today and she needs Web Hosting Hub good news that I found out that there is a web hosting company that offers Web Hosting Hub for very reasonable price. If you guys are looking for a web hosting hub and you do not like your web hosting company you should check out their website right now to know more information.

Just simply click the link that I have provided above thanks.

Womens Vitamins

My hubby and I went to Wal*mart last night I keep bugging him to buy a womens vitamins for me because I know I needed it. Well, after buying food we went to look for vitamins and I found what I am looking for.

Next time I am going to check out because my friend told me that they also offer womens vitamins. Well, good news for me I can do my shopping through the comfort of my own home no need to drive that far.

Belly Fat Reduction

I love to eat a lot that is why I am fat. I would say that eating is my way of relaxing. I eat with my friends a lot especially week end and we never leave a table without taking a dessert.

When I am at work normally I sit down all the time because I do paper work all day long. As a result, I notice that my Belly earns fat and my officemates told me about belly fat reduction which is I may need reduction in the future. I am going to check it out if it is safe for me.

Thanks for the visit

Wants Out

My daughter wake up early in the morning and she wanted to go out. We usually lock the door in our room because she goes out during midnight. I am scared that she might be gone one day because the other day she was out by herself in the end of our driveway.

I guess we just need to watch her close now that she is getting braver to go out by herself. We need to buy lock so that during night time she cannot open the door. It scared me thinking that she might be out and wondering outside during night time.

Hip Hop Clothing

I am an outdoor person and I like to wear casual clothes. It is a comfortable to wear especially the shirt, jeans and the rubber shoes. It is not difficult to walk for a long time journey that is why I like hip hop clothing.

If you are looking for affordable hip hop clothing I will recommend you to check out website. Right now their offering 75% off, of some items. Ho hurry check it out now!

Shopping For Food

My hubby and I went shopping for food last night. We got home about 10:00pm and after putting the grocery away we decided to hang up all the picture in the wall. I was happy that the chores was done because I can do other stuff.

I do not have to work today and I am happy because I did not sleep well last night. I do not have the energy anyway to work today. I hope later I get a better rest so that when I go to work tomorrow I am recharge LOL. Thanks for the visit.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Curvatrim Review

It is past my bed time but I am not that tired yet so I am going to check out curvatrim review first to make sure that my friend is giving me the right information.

I heard from my friend that she learns a lot from them so I will be right back. Anyway, I am going to give you more update after I am done checking their website Bye for now and you all have a wonderful night and enjoy.

Lose Weight Fast

Without a doubt I am double of my size now compares before. Well, after I have my baby I am going to look some ways how to lose weight fast because I do not like my figure at all.

I have hard time breathing so I have to do something in order for me to be healthy. My hubby agreed to me that I should take pills after my little one. But of course before I use pills I am going to check out if it is safe for me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oxis on facebook

The good friend of mine is telling me to check out I should check it out right now because I heard a lot of compliment on this website. She also told me that I can read Oxis on Twitter .

Well friend to know more information check out Oxis on facebook now! Thanks.


I was so busy this morning because I was chatting to my sis for few hours. Honestly, I cannot seat down long hours anymore and to have chit chat. I easily get bored and I rather do something else aside from surfing.

Everytime I try to stay longer in the computer I cannot handle because it does not interest me at all. I just seat down when I have to surf important stuff and work online. What about you do you feel the same?

Custom Label

I am happy that I do not have to work today because I am really tired for some reason. I am just going to stay home do my regular routine and do some work inside the house. This morning I went out the backyard to check out my garden and I was happy to see that they are doing great.

I cannot wait for the harvest time so that all my hardwork will be paid off. After I eat lunch I am going to check out Custom Labels because I heard that Data Graphics Inc. provides custom labels for industrial purposes, military specification and commercial applications.

It would be great if I found the Custom Label that my hubby looking for because I want him to be happy and be done searching the stuff that he needs. I am going to give you update after I check out their website. Thanks for the visit and see you later.


I went to the bank today to deposit some money because we are about negative again and you know it is not a good thing when we are zero balance because we have to pay big time for the draft charges.

Anyway, I am happy that I made it when I check the balance we are not yet negative so my hubby and I happy to know it. Today, my plan is just to stay at home and do some work possible.

I hope you all having a great time thanks for the visit.

Our First Western Caribbean Cruise

Thanks to Jessica Marima for the post.

Last summer my husband and I went on a Western Caribbean cruise. As soon as we got our car loaded up we set our ADT security alarm and went to the airport. Once our plane landed in Florida we took a taxi to the cruise ship. After we unpacked our bags in our cabin my husband and I went to explore the cruise ship. We couldn't believe how nice and big our cruise ship was. It had three swimming pools and three hot tubs. We also discovered that the cruise ship had a bowling alley and waterslide. Even though my husband and I are not that young we love waterslides. After exploring the ship we decided to eat dinner at one of the buffets. We were so impressed with all the food choices we had at the buffet. One of our favorite things about the buffet was all the ice sculptures and the fruit sculptures. I was really amazed at how many different images could be made out of fruit and ice. After dinner my husband and I went back to our cabin to change for the show. We loved the show. It was a show with Irish dancers. They also had bagpipers playing in the show. Since my husband had recently started taking bagpipe lesson he was especially loved the show. The rest of the week we spent visiting different Western Caribbean ports. Now we are planning our next cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funeral Costs

When my favorite uncle died few years ago I did not even had a chance to see him in his funeral because my hubby and I do not have the money that time. Well, I know that the funeral costs are not cheap so I send money to my mother to help out my uncle's family a little bit.

Anyway, if you are wondering how much the funeral cost would be I will recommend you to check out the link above. Thanks for the visit and I hope you all have a great night.