Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cheapest Auto Insurance Network

It is so annoying when people keep calling you when you are still in bed like the insurance guy keep calling us this morning, while we are still in bed. Well, people do not realize sometimes when someone does not answer the phone do not want to talk at the moment.

Anyway, I am going to check out right now the cheapest auto insurance network because according to my friend I am going to find what I am looking for. I will be right back and give you more update. Thanks for the visit.


My hubby and I went to wal*mart I did not even notice the time because when I check it out it was about past 10:00pm. I forget that I have chores waiting at me when I get home so now I have to go to bed late and work for a little bit.

Oh well, I guess shit happens next time I really need to organize my work schedule because I do not like working too late when it is my bed time. Anyway, I am going to work now and see you for more update.

Living Alone And Hearing Things That Go Bump In The Night

Thanks to guest blogger Emily Newson for the post.

Living alone is not all it’s cracked up to be. When you go home at night or spend the weekend alone it is really not all that much fun. Besides you don’t have anyone there to take care of you when you are sick. Then again you don’t have anyone there to go look under the bed for you either when you think you’ve heard some that goes bump in the night.

That happens to me sometimes when I am all alone at night and there is a strange noise that seems to be coming from the other room. I usually wish there was someone I could call to come take a look for me, but even if there were I would probably not do it because I would be afraid of looking stupid for being afraid of the dark. Of course I have never found anything wrong when I heard those crazy noises.

I did something a couple of months ago that helps me out a lot in that department. I had a free alarm system installed so that I wouldn’t have to worry anymore when I hear strange sounds. As long as I set it and forget it I am just fine and there is no more concern about calling for help in the middle of the night. I’m so glad I made that decision.


I should grab every opportunity I saw because I know a lot of people out there looking for something. For the past few days my laziness strikes me and I do not have the choice to let go them so that other people can have it.

From now on, I am going to do my best I am going to finish my chores if can because I am not sure until when I am going to work. Right now, I am looking some opportunity at home. I do not want to give up my job but I am not happy when I go to work anymore since I am so tired and I do not fell well all the time.

I guess next year after my baby comes out I am going to find another jobs that make me happy. Right now I just want to stay home and do nothing LOL.

Our Spoiled Rotten Hamsters

Thanks to guest writer Cecilia McClean for the post.

I never thought that I could spoil hamsters. We got my daughter two of them for her birthday. I thought it would simple buy a cage and a few things. I sure was wrong about that one! We got online with our hughes internet and started looking at things to buy for them. We ended up with so much stuff that I don't know what we will ever do with it all. They now each have a ball that they can roll around the house in when out of their cage. I do like this idea so that they won't be running free and hiding under things. This keeps them contained so they won't get lost. We got special water feeders for the cage so they can get water whenever they want a drink. They have a wheel inside the cage now to exercise and run around on when they are bored. They even have a tunnel to run around outside of their cage and back into it. I didn't realize how much stuff we would find for the hamsters, but I am glad that they have a lot of stuff to have fun now.


I am experiencing a lot of cramps which are normal for me I guess since I am pregnant. Sometimes I cannot move my fingers in few minutes and I do not like it because it is so painful. My friends told me that I am lack of calcium, and it might be true since I do not drink milk at all.

I know I should be drinking milk since it is good for me and the baby. Everytime I am pregnant I always have hard time. Anyway, I am going back to the doctor next months to check out the hearth beat of the baby. I hope everything goes well. I am going to give you more update with my pregnancy.

You all have a good day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Door Hanger Printing

My brother-in-law is looking for affordable door hanger printing which is today when I was online I came across website. At their website they offer door hanger printing for very reasonable price.

If you or you're loved ones are looking for door hanger printing I will recommend you to check out their website right now for more information. Thanks and I hope you all have a wonderful night.

Windgate Ranch Scottsdale

My hubby and I left in the house around afternoon and we just got home from shopping. While, we are in the mall we got stock there due to tornado warning. Well, it was raining pretty hard for less than an hour and then with high winds. Good thing that the tornado did not really hit were we at because it would be scary for sure.

Anyway, my hubby is looking forward to buy a new house. I told him that he should check out windgate ranch scottsdale because I heard that their website offering house for sale. Well, let see if he had time to check it out later because right now he is doing some stuff in the garage. I am going to give you more update about his research for our new home for now I am going to eat supper and take my medicine. You all have a goodnight and thanks for the visit.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ways to Improve our Neighborhood Watch

Post from guest writer Elaine Kidwell.

Our neighborhood watch consist of everyone on our block. We watch each other’s houses and will call the police when we see someone or something suspicious. Our situation is unique, in that we pay home dues. The home dues pay for services such as cutting the grass, shoveling the snow, and street repairs. There’s also an understanding, that as a part of the neighborhood, everyone will watch each other’s homes.

However, nothing is perfect. For example, although we’ve been neighbors for years, most of us don’t know each other very well. Many of us work full-time, and have more than one job so we are gone so much and we rarely talk to each other. Our quarterly neighborhood meetings are not well supported. If we at least make the time to attend our neighborhood meetings, then we would certainly draw closer as neighbors. Another issue is the fact that many families that we know have moved out of our neighborhood, either because of job loss, job relocation, or not being able to afford their homes. New families have moved in, and there’s not the same connection as before. Most are very happy to mind their own business. In order to feel safer, we searched for the best home security in Baltimore area so that we could have our home monitored 24/7.

XOXO, Gossip Girl!

Guest post written by entertainment blogger Kristin Colman.

The past couple of years have been quite the youthful year for the CW network with Gossip Girl joining the ranks of successful shows from this network. The story is told from the omnipresent character of the 'Gossip Girl' blogger which is skillfully voiced by 'Veronica Mars' Kristin Bell. It follows the tale of rich Manhattan BFF's Serena and Blair, nicknamed as B and S by Gossip Girl. Enter their love interests, Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald. It also introduces middle-class Dan and Jenny Humphrey to this elite group thanks to their father's relationship with Serena's mother, Lily.

The recently concluded 3rd season showed the group going off to college, with Chuck and Blair having a turbulent relationship because of Chuck's uncle's meddling. We are introduced to Chuck's mother and the Humphrey's new half-brother. We see how dark Jenny becomes with her obsession with Nate when she sleeps with Chuck which ends badly as Blair and Serena leave for France for some retail therapy. Jenny leaves to be with her mother far from New York. The finale high point is when Chuck is shot trying to fight for the ring he unsuccessfully used to propose to Blair. It ties with crazy girl, Georgina coming back into town claiming she is with child, and Dan is the father. What I want to know is if Chuck lives or dies. I will be tuned in to my tv, thanks to the great deals on cable tv, come this fall.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Eczema Treatment

I am not really familiar what is eczema but I guess it is an allergy related disorder. I heard from my friend that she need to find eczema treatment because the allergy that she has bother her.

Well, when I was searching some website today I came across I am going to call her tomorrow and tell her to check out the website because they have the information that she need. That is all for now and you all have a goodnight.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

High School Online

Guest post by Mary Bedard.

At first I was really skeptical to do online classes. I just felt like I wasn’t going to learn anything because I wasn’t around a teacher, or any classmates. Plus logging in via hughes net broadband internet everyday for school just seemed wrong; but about a week in; it seemed normal, and proved to be better.

My learning horizons really opened up, and I was able to learn at my own pace. I’m more of a hands’ on, visual type of learner. So I was also able to do quite a bit of reading, and see visualizations on what I was learning about. Those tools really helped improve my grades.

Online offered math tutors right at my fingertips. Math was my worst subject, anytime I had a problem that was too hard for me to understand, all I had to do was send an instant message to one of the tutors, and they were able to help me right then and there. I was really embarrassed about my math problem, I was afraid to ask questions; but being online seemed to help me ask questions with confidence. I am glad I found such great satalite internet packages to help me through my online schooling experience.

My First Month Check Up

I am tired my hubby and I just arrived from the hospital. We visited the doctor for my monthly check up. Well, the doctor's visit went well. Next month we are able to listen the hearth bet of the baby.

According to many people the second pregnancy is the easiest one but according to the doctors today the second pregnancy is harder compare the first one. No, wonder I have to puke all day long. With my first one I was bed ridden for eight months and I hope this time will not be the same or else it would sucks again for few months.

I guess later we were going to the pharmacy to get the medicine. That is my update for today and you all have a good one.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Guys, if you are looking for boots I know a website that offers affordable price when it comes to boots. The name of the website that you can check out is The stores offer Footwear, workwear, Outerwear and many more.

If you want to know more information just check out the link that I have provided above and it will bring you directly to the website. You all have a good one and thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Never Miss It

Guest blog post from Alex Goodling.

My DVR is one of the best things in my home. I have it hooked up to my satellite TV from star satellite ohio. I feel this is one of the greatest advancements in technology.

I set up every show that we enjoy watching on my DVR. It then records them all for me when they are new. It doesn't matter if I am home or not. I know that when I want something to watch I can turn on my DVR and it will be there waiting for me. I record shows to watch alone. Late at night when I lay down in bed I turn on the DVR. I will have several shows from the week recorded and waiting on me to watch them. I love that I never miss a new episode of my show. This way I can watch them when I have time and it doesn't matter when they are on at night. This way I get to watch a lot more shows than I would otherwise. Also if I get behind I can watch three episodes all at once and catch up on a great show. I love everything about my DVR.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Resurrection of the Milwaukee Bucks

Guest blog written by Dan Herist

The NBA playoffs are an exciting and emotional time for many NBA fans around the globe. The NBA features very little parody from year to year unlike other popular sports leagues such as baseball and football, so when your team finally does make a playoff run after years of never getting to the tournament it’s hard not to feel deflated when they end up losing. In recent years, no franchise has been as pitiful as the Milwaukee Bucks. This year however the Bucks managed to shock the world and reach the playoffs after being selected by many sports analysts to be one of the worst teams in the league. Sitting down to watch the Bucks on with Direct tv became a privilege and I was eager to see how they would do in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Bucks lost in their first playoff series to the Atlanta Hawks, but at least they didn’t go quietly into the night. The Milwaukee Bucks made the Hawks come back from a deficit and although they lost the series they did it take it the full seven games when once again many sports analysts didn’t think they would win more than one game. With all the excitement around the baseball season and the Milwaukee Brewers starting up, it was good to see excitement for the newly revamped Bucks and their efforts throughout the season were appreciated. Next season looks even brighter.

Bringing Change to Senior Citizens

Guest post by blogger Jeremy Frestar

Technology can be very intimidating to a senior citizen, therefore it is very important to help them feel accustomed to the numerous changes going on around them. A younger person will adapt to the changes in technology a lot faster than a senior citizen. A senior citizen will have to learn to step out of their environment and embrace change. Technology is focusing on bringing change to senior citizens lifestyle.

The newest thing for senior citizens is going online. They can go to sites like to find out more about hearing aids or they can use email to connect with family. In order to do this they must learn how to navigate around the Internet. There are classes available especially for senior citizen to teach them how to use the online features available to them. They can learn how to use Facebook, read hearing aid reviews, pay their bills, or even video chat with grandchildren.

The Nintendo Wii game has several games targeted for senior citizens. These games allow them to work on their hand and eye coordination. The games include bowling and tennis, the best part about playing games is that a senior citizen will not have to leave their home, making this especially a must-have for those who are not able to leave the home because they may be wheelchair-bound or have lack of transportation. This piece of technology will allow them to get exercise within the confines of their home.

Cell phones are also catching on to the fact that senior citizens a little extra help. They are now making cell phones with larger numbers on the keypad; this will make it easier for an elderly person to see the numbers.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prenatal Vitamins

My co-workers give me an advice that I should eat right so that the baby does not get hungry. Well, I know that she is right but I am hard headed sometimes so I should start listening to her.

Anyway, next week I am going to buy prenatalvitamins so that I can take the vitamins and I know I needed it so that my baby come out healthy. Honestly I do not like to take any vitamins but for my baby sake I will do it.


My daughter is still awake because the light in our room is still on. I am going to hurry so that I can turn off the light and she goes to bed. I just need to browse stuff online like apidexin products because according from my friend it works really good.

Well, that is a good news though because if it does I can recommend it to some of my friends. For now, let me check it out and I am going to give you update after few minutes thanks for the visit.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Faux Wood Blinds

My co-workers visited at my house earlier and we both check out the faux wood blinds, we wonder how much the price of it so we look at it online.

After we check it out we both decided that we were going to order some pretty soon. Well, I still need few wood blinds for my new place so I better talk to hubby so that he can give me some money. Anyway, that is all for now and you all have a goodnight.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pronexin Reviews

Goodnight everyone time for me to go to bed because tomorrow is another adventure for me at work. Well, I should like to work but you know too much work makes me really tired which is I guess just normal.

Anyway, I might check out the pronexin reviews quick because my sis wanna know which one is the best. I know that she is dealing problems when it comes to acne so I should help her to do some research which acne products work the best. Anyway, bye for now and see you later thanks for the visit.

Hair Loss Cure

My friend has a problem when it comes to hair loss so he is still wondering what is the best hair loss cure that will work for him. I know that he tried using different stuff and he is not lucky yet to find the right stuff that will work for him.

Anyway, I know that many companies out there offer affordable price when it comes to hair loss cure so he I am going to inform him to check out to see if he found what he is looking for.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My daughter and I am going to leave in the house pretty soon so I am going to prepare the stuff that she needs before I woke her up. I know that she sleep late last night so I am going to give her few minutes to have a day dream.

I am up too early in the morning because I did not sleep well so I hope later at night I get a goodnight sleep. Well, see you later guys for more update. Thanks for the visit and you all have a good day.

Best Weight Loss Pills

I am pregnant right now and I can tell that I am gaining too much weight. My hubby is kind of worried with my weight so he keeps telling me to watch out what I eat. Well, I know I should not eat too much because I know it is not good for me and the baby.

I am sure I am going to need best weight loss pills after my delivery so I am going to keep on eye about the price of best weight loss pills. Well, I always know that has a lot to offer when it comes to pills so if you need one I will recommend you to check it out.


I just woke up and I do not fell well at all. I already puke this morning and I know there is more puke coming. I do not like morning sickness but what can I do I have to deal with it until it is over.

I am going to work though even I do not feel well because I know when I lay down it will not help with my condition it will just going to make it worse. I hope I fell little bit better when I am working. See you for more update thanks for the visit.

Modern Furniture

Well, we just move into our new place again about three weeks ago and we needed modern furniture for our living room. Hubby and I do not have time right now to go in the store so I am going to check out the price online.

I heard from my friend that offers reasonable price when it comes to modern furniture so let me check it out right now and I am going to get back to you later if I found the furniture that I am looking for. Bye for now and you all have a good one.