Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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To know more information just simply click the link above. Anyway, my daughter wants to go swimming so I am going to get ready and I might bring her to the pool before we go headed to our next destination.

Likes To Go Out

My daughter likes to go out when it is nice outside. I cannot blame her because she loves playing outside. When the summer comes I am going to allow her to play at least a hour a day.

I know it is good for her so we were going to do many activity this summer. I might join the swimming club I am sure she will going to like it. She loves swimming too so for sure it is a blast for her.

Acne Treatment

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Water Pump

The water pump keeps running for some reason I am going to check it out pretty soon. I know someone use the water and did not turn it off. I am going to finish some post first and then I am going to go upstairs and in the basement to check out if the faucet is on.

I do not like listening the pump running because it is so noisy. I guess the house is not insulated well that is why I can hear it from the main level. Anyway, you all have a great day.

Treatment for Hemorrhoids

I heard that one of my close friend back home suffering from hemorrhoids which are the news is too sad. Well, I am going to see what I can help because I know that she does not have enough money to visit the doctor often.

Well, I am going to check out treatment for hemorrhoids to see if I can afford to help her. Anyway, I am going to eat my breakfast first then I am going to give you more update. Thanks for the visit guys.

Watch Again

The movie is finally done but my daughter wanna watch it again. I am not really in a mood to watch movie because I want to finish all the chores that need to be done today.

I know I have many chores to do but I am going to do my best so that all of them are done. I do not like my chores to be pending because it needed to be done today wether I like it or not.

Well, I guess I am going to take a few minutes break and then work again.

Best Diet Supplements

I am going to need best diet supplements pretty soon because I am gaining too much weight and lately I ignore to watch out my figure. Oh well, there is always alternative so I am not really worried as of now.

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Playing Dog Food

Gosh, my daughter is always in the dogs room playing the dogs food. I keep yelling at her to come to me but she will not listen she will continue doing whatever she is doing in the dog room.

I can hear though that she is having a blast playing dogs food which is I do not like her doing that because she is wasting dog food. She loves putting the dog food into the water dish so the dog will not eat it when the food is wet.

Acne Cleanser

I know that I disappoint my family when I told them that our vacation back home is postponed due to financial reason. My brother is waiting for his acne cleanser because I promise to him that I am going to buy one for him.

Well, it is actually not late to give his present yet so after I check out and read about I am going to purchase one so that I can send it to him via post office. I am sure that he will be happy and he will know that I still care evens I am far from home.


Were supposed to clean the house lasts night but my hubby decided not too because the girls are whining and then they do wanna do the cleaning part. I was tired but I do not want to do it today because I am busy.

I need to clean to house which is so many works required. I guess that is life work and work and do not whine about it. Anyway, my daughter is lock in the bathroom she keeps calling me I better check her out right now.

Prenatal Vitamins

I am going to check out over the counter prenatal vitamins because my friends need one. I know that she cannot afford right now to buy prenatal vitamins so I am going to do my best to help her the stuff that she need.

I am sure she will going to be happy if she found out that I am planning in buying her prenatal vitamins because she needed it and her baby. I know that she is in tough times right now so I will try to be with her when she needed my help.

Icky Stuff

I just check out my daughter in the other room and she wants me to wipe her butt. She pees so she does not like feeling the icky stuff in her body. I should train her to go to the bathroom pretty soon so that it is less work for me.

I know it will take her a while to be potty train but I do not care at all because she will learn in the long run. You all have a wonderful day and thanks for the visit guys. See you for more update.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hospital Disinfectant

After I meet many people at the hospital yesterday I use hospital disinfectant to make sure I am not going to bring germs at home. It is really great that the hospital always provide disinfectant for their patient so that everyone is free of germs when they go home to their respective houses.

Well, if you are looking for reasonable price of disinfectant please check out the link that I have added above. Thanks and you all have a fun night.


I do not have much sleep lasts night the maximum sleep I have is probably an hour or so. I am so tired but I cannot sleep because every few minute I need to go to the bathroom. I do not like having bladder infection because it is not fun at all.

Even, I did not have much sleep I went to work of course with miserable condition. I do not want to lay down and rest because if I did, it will just going to make my condition worst. I guess when I need to rest I am going to, but as long its not that bad I am going to work and work LOL.

Anyway, you all have a fun night and myself for sure will have a miserable night again.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


My daughter just take nap once today so I guess when we go to the store she will be sleeping in the car. That is good though so that she will not be crying while we are on the way.

It always take us an hour to get in the city so I presume that time we arrived at the store she gets her good nap. She is crabby when she is tired so she needed one pretty soon. Bye for now and have a good one.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dual Flush Toilets

My hubby and I am planning to build a new house probably this coming spring he likes to build a house when the weather is perfect for him because that way he can work without sweating a lot. Anyway, we already talk what house I want and I am lucky that he agree with me.

From the toilet I want a Dual Flush Toilets so that we can save water and money of course. I like to save money whenever we can, so that the money we save we can use it in other stuff. Anyway, after I eat breakfast today I went online and search for a company that will offer dual flush toilet. While I was online I came across website. At I found what kind of toilet I am looking for.

If you or you're loved ones looking for dual flush toilet just simply click the link that I have provided above and it will bring you directly to their website.