Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Time

My friend and I have so much fun yesterday. They came over at our house about lunch time and of course we have fun cooking in the kitchen. After we have lunch yesterday we went to the living room and did some karaoke.

Well, I can tell that everyone has a good time because time fly so fast. I invite them to come into our houses that were selling right now and they did come. They like the looks of our house which is I like it too but we do not have the choice is to sell it because we needed some money. That is my update for today and I hope you also have a good time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Health Insurance

There are many people that do not have the health insurance and you know most of them cannot afford to pay for it. But, what about when accident happen? Well, I know that it is a hard question but the fact is the person will stay pay the cost of hospital bill whatever the bill is. My hubby and I do not have the health insurance right now that is why we are planning in getting one. It might cost us monthly but when accident happen it will help us a lot.

Anyway today, I search which company will offer me affordable health insurance and I came across At they offer group health, student health, short term and many more. If you are looking for health insurance then you should check out the link that I have provided above. Thanks for the visit guys and have a great day.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Upset

I am so upset today, I was cleaning in one of our costumer house but I accidentally broke the collector stuff. After I get home I check the stuff how much it cost and oh boy it will going to cost me at least 70bucks which is I do not make enough money you know to pay for the stuff that I broke which is not intentionally.

I feel really bad breaking others people property because I should be able to clean it without worrying breaking the stuff. Oh well, I guess shit happens. Just today is not a good day for me so I hope tomorrow my day will be better.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Play Piano Chords

Yesterday my co-workers and I went to work and after that we stop by to inquire how much I am going to pay for a month when my daughter start playing piano. I am so excited to see her Play piano chords I am sure it will be memorable experience for her. Well, I also found out that my daughter can learn piano chords online so I am going to check out website.

At they offer playing piano chords which is I guess good for everybody to learn how to play piano chords through the comfort of their own home. I am sure it is easier for me when my daughter just play piano in my house because sometimes I do not have time to bring her at the school or pick her up. I hope you all have a good day. See you later for more update and thanks for the visit.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I should go to bed right now because I feel so tired for some reason. Today, I did not do much because I decided not to do anything aside from checking stuff online. I should not go online if I am not doing my online stuff but I am so addicted to Internet so I guess I cannot help it.

Anyway, I am really tired now I am going to spend time with daughter in bed. I am not sure yet what time my hubby will be home so I guess I am going to sleep without him. You all enjoy the night and sleep tight thanks for the visit.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Car Insurance List

After we get done cleaning my hubby told me to check out the carinsurancelist so that we can compare which company offer the best price. I know we need a new carinsurancelist because pretty soon we were going to switch our can insurance.

Anyway, I am going now see you later guys for more update. My daughter is not ready yet so I am going to prepare her and the stuff that she need while we are in the other house. I am sure she is ready for a nap but I am going to keep her awake until we arrive in the other house it is just a mile away from the house that we are living right now.

Paypal Debit Card

I apply for the PayPal debit card online after two days I got an email saying that my application was approved. Well, I like to have PayPal debit card so that if in case I do not have the money in my other card I can use the PayPal card.

I am so excited to use the PayPal debit card I should apply long time ago because I know it will help me a lot during using purchase online. Well, give you more update when I get the card. Have a good day everyone.

Zit Remedies

I am so hot I guess it is time to close the wood stove the door was open about hour ago because I was so cold. I really hope that the weather will become warm because it is not fun you know working with a cold weather.

Anyway, if you are looking for zit remedies I will recommend you to check out the link that I have added above. At their website you will learn the information that you need about zit remedies. Goodluck and thanks for the visit. See you later.


My hubby and I am leaving pretty soon we were going to the other house to clean. I am not sure how longs we were going to stay there I am sure it will going to take time to clean the whole house.

Well, I do not want to go back to clean they're again I guess I am going to do the general cleaning then later when I get home I can finish my chores online. I am glad that I do not have much chores so I can start working in my other site later. Thanks for the visit.

Best Vitamins For Men

My hubby is always tired I am sure he need something so that he has the energy to work. I guess I am going to check out best vitamins for men to see what are the benefits he can get from it.

Well, it would be nice if I found the stuff that he need so that my hubby fell better. I hope you all have a good day see you later folks for more update. Thanks for the visit guys.

Selling Stuff At eBay

I am not so successful in selling stuff at eBay LOL. I am sure there are secret why people earning thousands of dollar every month and I am eager to know that kind of secret so that I earn that amount too every month LOL.

The mean thing is dedication I guess you need to work hard for the stuff so that later all the hard work is paid off. Well, I want so keep selling stuff just try and try I guess until I become successful.

Diet Pill for Sale

I am still waiting at my hubby to be done taking shower he is been in the shower for about an hour and still he is not done. I guess while I am waiting I am going to check out diet pill for sale to see which one I can afford to buy.

I need to buy some stuff so that my family back home can use it since they needed one. But of course before I buy the stuff I am going to make sure that it is safe and it will work for them. I better check it out now and thanks for the visit.

Stay Up Late

My hubby and I stayed up in the bed late we just get up not too long ago and then he went to take shower. We did not eat breakfast yet so I am going to ask him what he wants for breakfast.

Usually he just wanted cereal so I better check out what he can have if in case he wants normal breakfast. Today, after we eat we will going to the other house and start cleaning the house.

Natural Acne Remedy

I just woke up and then I guess I am going to check out the natural acne remedy because my sis wanted to know if she can afford to buy it.

Well, since we were going for a vacation I guess I can buy some and give it to her as a present. She will be happy I know that because she is been having hard time to find the right acne treatment that will work for her. Anyway, thanks for the visit.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am cold right now the wood stove just start burning so I guess it will going to take a little bit to get the house warms up. Well, I am going to get my bathrobe and I am sure it will make me warm.

Anyway, I am getting tired I am going to finish the movie then headed to bed. You all guys have a fun day see you later and thanks for the visit. Bye for now folks and be happy.


I am not sure if I am going to call hubby right now I am getting so tired but you know I still have a plenty of stuff to do. I guess I am going to check out cla supplement to see if it will going to help me.

My friend recommend it to me because right after she read the reviews she try the diet pills and she was so happy with the result. Well, I am going to read it now and let you know the result later bye for now!

Fall Asleep

My daughter fall asleep finally. I am happy because I can do my stuff online. After working for a little bit I am going to do the dishes because I do not want to do them tomorrow.

I am tired but I just want to be done with some chores. I guess work will not run away but I always feel better when I accomplish something for the day. I did not work long today but I work in the house for few hours since I got home that is why time for me supposed to relax but I cannot because I am still working LOL.

Scar Removal

My cousin has so many acne she always complain about it. I hope she can do something with her problem so that it does not bother her anymore. Anyway, she might need acne scar removal because she has so many scars from it also.

My other friend told me that there is company that offers acne scar removal for affordable price so I guess I am going to check it out for her. Anyway, I am going check it out now thanks for the visit again.

Working Right Now

I am working right now but my baby keeps whining and whining I know that she is really tired because she did not take a nap since I got home from work. I am going to put her to sleep so that I can finish my chores.

I am not sure what time my hubby will be home I hope he does not work late because I am really tired and I just want to go to bed and get up early then work in the morning. My week is already plan so I hope it goes well.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Piano Lessons

A month from now we will be flying back home we will be staying there for about a month vacation which is makes me really happy because I can spend time with my family. I am so excited and at the same time I am eager to see my nieces to play piano because the last time I was there they are so little and can barely talk.

I know that they are so excited to see us also so both of us cannot wait the day to come to see one another. My daughter will love to see them too because I know she will enjoy playing with her cousins. She is not around with too much kids so I really insist that she will enjoy our vacation. Probably I am going to enroll her in a piano lessons while we are so that she can play piano together with her cousin. That will be a good idea I am going to let my sister knows about my plan. Anyway, you all have a good day. Thanks for the visit.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am so excited as hubby and I am going for a date a week from now. I cannot wait to go have the fun and of course eat then gamble for a little bit. We were going to our favorite casino.

We like going to that casino because it is more convenient to us. Usually it takes us 40 minutes drive which is not bad at all. Anyway, I am going to check out my hubby and baby. Thanks for the visit guys.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Phoenix Real Estate

My friend and I always go somewhere whenever we have a chance. Now, that there moving somewhere I am going to miss her because she is just such a nice lady. I heard that right now they have to look for Phoenix real estate which are good for them so that they can plan ahead.

I hope they found what they are looking for because it is hard to move into a new place and adjust the neighborhood. Anyway, goodnight all and you all enjoy your visit. Thanks for reading.

Hard Work

Few more works and I am done for the day. I am super busy today because I work and work and them it is already about past bed time and I am still working. Tomorrow will going to be a busy day again because I am trying to catch up some stuff.

If I will be done tomorrow I will be happy because I am not going to think and think about my chores. Gosh, life always busy and there is not time to relax. I guess, I relax many years and now it is time to do some hard work.

Fitness Equipment

We have available room and my hubby is planning to make it exercise room which I agree to his plan because all of us needed exercise. I am not that fat but we all know that exercise is healthy and good for the body. I think we needed new fitness equipment because we just have a few.

I might search later which one I like and I am sure my hubby will not say NO when I want to buy a new fitness equipment. I am spoiled baby so whatever makes me happy he always agree to me LOL.

Calling Card

Last night I bought calling card because I have plan to call my sister today back home. But, instead of calling her today I call her yesterday and we talk for about 40minutes which are sometimes it is good to chitchat even it will going to cost me money.

I do not call them everyday because it is so expensive to call them. If they call me more cheaper for me LOL. Next time I am just going to leave them much calling card so that they can call me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My hubby was disappointed after he gets home from work the other day. He taught the tiles that he order was al of them was fine but he found out that there are problem with it.

I hope the problem will be fixed right away because the people needed the tiles in their house. Well, I should check out right now to see if they have available tiles that my hubby needed for work.


My step daughter makes pancake before she went to youth group today. She did not finish the pancake so I ate some of it. At first I taught without syrup the pancake will taste badly but I was wrong.

I put some sugar on it and it so yummy. I guess tonight I am going to make some pancake I hope my hubby likes it though because if not I am going to end up of making another supper. That is all for tonight and you all have a good night.

System Memory

One day I was working with my paper work and I was using the desktop and it died for some reason. At first I taught I just unplug something but after checking out I found out that the system memory went bad.

After my hubby gets home I told him that we have to buy a new system memory because the one that we have got broke. He tells me to purchase right away because he knows that I need the desktop badly to finish my work. Anyway, I hope you all having a good night. See you later folks and thanks for visiting.


My daughter is sleeping until now. I force her to sleep earlier because I know that she needed one. She acts crabby instead of being happy LOL. I put her to bed about a hour ago and thanks goodness she is still sleeping until now.

I am about done doing chores in the house so I am going to prepare supper pretty soon because I know that my hubby is hungry. He went home not too long ago and he told me to prepare his food as soon as he gets back from work. I better check the fridge now and decide what supper I am going to make.