Saturday, January 30, 2010


My daughter need to see a dentist pretty soon because I know that her teeth need attention even though I did not see any cavity yet. Well, we all know that going to the dentist cost money so what I am going to do I am going to check out Plano cosmetic dentist because my friend recommends it to me.

Anyway, my daughter looks so sleepy she seat in my lap while I am online. I better put her to sleep now before she gets so crabby. Thanks for the visit guys.

No Choice

I am getting really a bad headache but, I not have a choice because I still need to work and finish my pending chores. I am not sure how longs my hubby will going to work but I guess I do not care until I go to bed.

I need to do my work wether I like it or not so that I will be done with it. Sometimes from work I do not do anything because I am so tired. I hope you all having a wonderful morning sees you in a little bit thanks for the visit.


Gosh, my daughter wants my attention I am not sure if she is hungry because she keeps asking for a banana. I cannot check out the stuff that I want to check online because she keeps pulling my hands and pointing some stuff that she wants. I really want to check out pop displays quick because I am going to buy one pretty soon.

I hope I get a good deal because I like to save money. Anyway, I better go now and do my stuff. Bye for now and thanks for the visit.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I decided to go shopping and wonder around the mall. I want to check some stuff online so that I can sell it on eBay. I want to try my luck who knows I will become a successful businesswoman someday LOL.

I guess I am like my mother she likes to have a business since she was young. It runs in the blood so I got it from her. It is better of doing nothing because one I learn something from doing a little business I am going to use my knowledge in the future LOL.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weight Loss Pills

My friend is searching right now an affordable and high quality weight loss pills because the one that she is using right now does not work at all she is so desperate to loss weight because her wedding is coming pretty soon.

Well, she should be aware long time ago about her weight but you know I guess when it is winter time peoples cannot avoid eating a lot. I hope everything works well for her and thanks for the visit friends. Bye and have a goodnight all.

Amost Done

I am almost done with my assignment and of course I have to do other stuff like doing supper. I am happy to know that someone will babysit my daughter and I do not have to drive that far.

I know I should not complain driving that far but I do not like driving because when I work outside the house we drive enough for the day. I am going to call my friend and let her know that I am not going to bring megan. I am lucky that she is always there to watch megan when I do not have avialable babysitter.

Wrinkle Cream

At my age right now my hands and feet has a wrinkle problem. I guess when I was young I did not take care of it before that is why I am dealing with wrinkle problem right now.

Pretty soon I know that I am going to need wrinkle cream because I am going to get tired dealing with the wrinkle problem. Good thing I know where to check out affordable wrinkle products. If you need more information about wrinkle cream just check out the link above.


My daughters want chips and I gave her cereal she does not like cereal but I do not care because chips is not good for her anyway. I am going to feed her a healthy stuff because I do not like her to get sick.

Right now at her age it is hard to feed her because she is so picky. I am not sure what kind of stuff she is going to eat because she does not like baby food or adult food. Well, I guess when she gets hungry she has no choice.

Womens Vitamins

Everyone of us should take vitamins so that all of us has a healthy body and do not get sick. Well, today when I was reading I came across click here for womens vitamins which interest me because right now I need a right vitamins for my body.

I take vitamins before but the taste is so nasty so I stop taking my vitamins even it was prescribed by my doctor. Anyway, I am going to check out my daughter now in her play room. Bye for now!


My daughter is really so sleepy she takes a nap earlier and still not enough for her. I have been so busy all day longs working with some stuff and I did not pay attention at her at all.

Well, I am going to finish my stuff so that both of us can watch movie and have a MOM and Baby bonding time. Tomorrow I am going to work so I am sure she will going to miss me again.


I always heard about good review of this phentermine pills and it seems it works for every costumer. Well, I guess if you are looking for diet pills that will work for you try to check out their website and check out more to know more information about this diet pills.

If I need one right now I am going to try it to see if it will works. Well, I know probably one of my friend is interested to try one. I am going to call her nows see you for more update.

Calling Card

I buy calling card twice this week. I taught 10$ is enough but I was wrong because the card was junk and I guess I am not going to buy that kind of calling card anymore. I guess I am going to try another kind of card and let see if it will work.

I do not want to keep buying and buying and then it will not going to work. Normally I like the international card but the store that I went to do not have any. Anyway, thanks for the visit friends.

IT Jobs

I remember when I was back home the company that I am working before need to lay off us because there are some regular worker does not like their rules. I guess they have the right to rally but they should think also if it will do well for them.

Right now some of my co-workers are looking for IT Jobs wether it is local or abroad job. All they want is to get a job and pay some bills. Anyway, I am going to check out some stuffs see you in a little bit.

Done Cleaning

Finally I am done cleaning it takes me a hour today before I get done cleaning. Sometimes this week I am going to dust some stuff because it looks so dusty from the wood stove.

I do not like dust but all I can do is accept the fact that I have to dust when the stuff gets dusty LOL. Anyway, I hope my hubby gets home early today so that we can go somewhere to do some shopping and buy some stuff that needed for the kitchen.


Back home people cannot afford to go to the doctors even they have free medicare. It will still cost them a little bit of money, which are the people back home do not have the kind of money. I remember when I was young my father has a disease and he just keep ignoring it even it is hard for him.

I heard that he has the hemorrhoid right now so pretty soon I am going to buy cure for hemorrhoid so that he does not suffer from that disease. All I can do since I am far from my parents are help them financially. When we go home I am going to take care of them for a little bit because I do not know when I am going to see them again.

Yummy Supper

I am going to make supper pretty soon last night I was too tired to do supper and we just have an instant food. Since it was my off today I am going to make a yummy supper and for sure my hubby will going to like it.

My hubby likes my lumpia but tonight we were going to have chilly with pork steak and baked potato. I am sure they will going to like it. I am just going to finish my tasks and then I am going to start working in the kitchen.

Best hgh Supplement

If you are looking for best hgh supplement I will recommend you to check out At they offer best hgh supplements for very reasonable prices.

Anyway, make sure to read the reviews be sure your safety before buying the products. I am going now because my daughter needs to eat lunch. She is asking for cereal and I am sure she is hungry right now.

Pulled Over

I am so cranky last night because I leave at the house so early then get back at the house late. My hubby notice that every time I am cranky. My baby was standing last night in the back of the car whiles I am driving. The cop is ahead of me.

I do not want to be pulled over that is why I stop in the shoulder of the road and pulled over and buckle her up twice to make sure she cannot get out in the seat belt.

I do not want when she does that it is not safe for her you know and aside from that a big fine for me for sure when cops seen my baby standing in the car.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stainless Steel Drum

There are some people that like to collect stuffs even it cost a lot of money to them. Just like my fathers even he has a plenty of stainless steel drum he likes collecting it and you know I cannot say anything about his fashion because that is the stuff that makes him happy.

I guess instead of saying something about his collection I am just going to support him. Buying the stuff that he really wants make him happy. I think on his birthday I am going to buy him another stainless steel drum so that he has another collection.


I am carrying my baby right now she is sick and do not want to be put down I understand that she needs attention so I am going to hurry and finish my chores. I know I should not work but I hate not doing anything and then I have many stuffs to do later on.

I fell sorry for her because she cannot really say what hurts and MOM will just going to guess what is wrong with her. I cannot find the thermometer so I am going to call hubby to let him know that he need to buy one.

Online Degree

My sister is a stay at home MOM for a long period of time. All she does is take care of my nieces and her husband needs. I talk to her last year in pursuing her online degree and she agrees to me because she knows that after she finish her study it will help her a lot to find a new job. Now, she is back to back to school and she likes learning new stuff everyday.

I am sure when she finish her course it is easier for her to find a job because back home to find a job it requires skills and degree. I cannot wait to see her having a new job because I know it will going to help her a lot when it comes to their financial needs. I should suggest to my other sister in getting online teaching degree because I know she loves to teach.

Anyway, will see what will happen after I talk to her. Thanks for the visit.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Money Making Blog

I was reading at my co-blogger blog and I learn a lot from it. I like reading money making blog because it gives me idea how to make extra money at home. Well, I hope sooner I am going to earn a little bit of money so that it will helps when it comes to our financial problem.

I know I need to do more research and then apply what I learn. I really like to put up a business so that I do not have to work someone and I can do work without anyone telling me what to do LOL.