Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Project Management Software

If you are looking for project management software I will recommend you to visit Aceproject.com. At Aceproject.com they offer project management software for very reasonable price.

If you want further details just simply click the link that I have added above and it will bring you directly to their website. Anyway, I am going to go in the kitchen now and start making our supper. You all have a goodnight!

Dollar Store

I went to the dollar store the other day to see if the have a good deal and I found out that their offering reasonable clothes when it comes to baby. I did not buy anything though because I did not like any of them.

Well, I saw a book and I end up buying it because I like to read short story for my daughter during bed time. She likes when we read a book before she goes to bed. Anyway, thanks for the visit.

RV Repair

My hubby and I am dreaming to own a rv someday so that when we go for a vacation we have a nice place to stay. One of my friend owns rv and they love it when they go somewhere.

It is also great to find a company which will offer affordable rv repair. Today, when I was online I found out that Goodsamesp.com is offering very reasonable price when it comes to rv repair. If you are having problem with your rv just check out the link above. Thanks!

Extra Money

My daughter must be really sick because she just want us to carry her. Not too long ago she was sick and today she got sick again. I am getting tired also so I need to go to bed and rest so that both of us have enough rest for tomorrow.

I am not sure how longs my hubby will going to work tonight because he need to watch my daughter tomorrow. For, sure it will going to be a tough day for him and for me too because I need to work hard and you know we need extra money for our trip.

Oklahoma Attorney

There are people that has been charged with a crime and they did not do it. Well, I guess if they have enough money to fight with the case the are going too, because it is there right to prove that they did not do something wrong.

Anyway, if you live in Oklahoma and you are looking for Oklahoma attorney I will recommend you to check out the link that I have added above. Thanks for visiting and I hope you all guys have awesome new year and lets all prayed that we have a great year ahead.

Ending Today

Most of my item that I list a week ago is ending today. One is already sold and I got the payment already. Next step I am going to prepare the stuff so that it is ready to ship tomorrow.

I know that I am going to be busy tomorrow but who cares I just want everything is ready and done so that I can work other stuff. I always talk about work it sounds I do not have time to relax which is half way true LOL.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Work and Work

Wow I cannot belive I made it work. I work all week longs and I still have the energy to do extra work at home. I am so happy that my chore is about done. I can do the rest tomorrow let see if I can do it.

My goal is to work and work then after that just relax next week if no work come up. We always go run in the city so hope we do not have a hectic schedule next few days. I hope you all having a goodnight thanks for the visit.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hotel Playa Del Carmen

I am not sure why I am so hot when it is too cold outside I guess someone turn on the heater in a high temperature I am going to check it out later after I am done checking out hotel playa del carmen because as what I have mention my hubby and I am going to relax in the next few weeks after all the moving process is done.

I am just so excited I cannot wait to relax and have the fun. Anyway, you all have a wonderful evening. Thanks for visiting.

X'mas Card

Laura asks my address not too long ago I know that she is going to send me a X'mas card and finally today I got it in the mail. Thanks bru for the card I really appreciate it.

I know that we did not see each other for long time but time will come that we were going to have a bonding time again. I hope you both can visit in my place LOL. I am going to eat now because I am hungry see you later folks!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wii Accessories

I am little bit silly during Black Friday sale because I went to the store too early that was about 10:00 in the evening just to get the wii accessories that my daughters need.

This holiday season I am planning an online shopping because it is easier for me especially that my little one do not like to go out. Anyway, if you are looking for wii accessories just check out the link above. Thanks!

I am Cranky

I am so cranky right now because I am so tired from working all day long. After I get home I did nothing aside from taking a nap right away. But eventhough I have a little a bit of rest still not enough because it did not change my mood at all.

I guess I am going to sleep early so that when I wake up tomorrow I fell better. Anyway, that is all the update for today and I hope you all having a goodnight. See you tomorrow for more update. Thanks!