Sunday, November 22, 2009

San Diego fine Dining Banquet Rooms

When we went vacation this year I am so disappointed when we did not get a chance to meet my friend in San Diego. We planned our meeting place because I know that time we have many things to discuss and I hope next vacation we can do our meeting plan without any hassle around.

My hubby told me that if we are not busy in the next few months we were going to relax and enjoy somewhere and the best place I would like to see is San Diego fine dining banquet rooms because I heard from many of my friends that the atmosphere there are so pretty.

I should call my friend and told her about my plan so that she knows in advance. I am going to do that tonight after I wake up from a nap. Happy Sunday guys and have a safe thanksgiving ahead. Have a fun day all and thanks for the visit.


Finally my daughter falls asleep few minute ago. I am happy that she is resting right now because I can do more chores. I have the one more to go I guess I am done for the day.

I can go relax at last I cannot wait to lay down in bed again because my eyes are getting tired working. I hope it will not take me long to finish my last chores wish me luck folks and I hope you all having a good day.

Bye for now and thanks for the visit.

Business Continuity Planning

My family does not know how I work hard right now just to have a business someday. After I am done doing my research about business I am going to put up a business so that someday we have a better future. Working from someone will not change our future because it is always same amount of money were going to receive. For the fact that my hubby and I earn everyday is not enough for our daily need that is why we have to find another way around how to earn more money.

Do not get me wrong we all need money for future purposes. I know there are many people out there does not want to work because they want someone to help their daily needs even they are capable to work.

Anyway, after my business builds up I am going to make sure that I have the business continuity planning to make sure that my business is secured when something happen. If you want to know more information about business continuity planning just check out the link that I have added above. Thanks!

Take Off Clothes

My daughter keeps taking off her clothes for some reason. It is not that hot in our house in fact I am wearing jacket inside the house because I am cold. I cannot handle to stay outside longer because it is cold outside.

But later I have to go outside I am going to check out the deer in the tree to see if no animals bite it LOL. There are two dogs that keep guarding the deer because I am sure they like the meat from it.

Our dog is one of them she keeps hoping that the deer will fall down from the tree so that she can eat the rest of the meat. Poor hubby if its happen because he gets up 4:00am just to shoot the deer.

I am sure he will not going to be happy if thats happen. So, I better check it out LOL.

Discounted Crystal Figures and Collectables

I am so addicted to collect figuring everytime I saw cute figuring in the store I always bug hubby to buy it. I know that he really do not care about it because I can tell with his reaction. To make me happy he always says yes I can get it even he does not care for it.

One thing that I would like to add my collection is swarovski crystals. I should check out the price of discounted crystal figures and collectables so that I can purchase the things that I would like to have. Since Christmas is just around the corner I have to make sure that I can give something to my loved ones.

I know that my loved ones is like me addicted with discounted crystal so they will going to be happy when they get it as a present from me. I already know where to buy swarovski crystals because my friend told me to check out When I check it out I found the products that I am looking for.

So, if you are looking for discounted crystal figures and collectables check out their website right now!

Few Minutes

I told my daughter to lay down in the couch and she lay down for few minutes after that she gets up again and went play her toys. I cannot scream her because she is used me putting her in bed.

Since I keep saying that I am going to take a nap I am going to do it pretty soon because I am getting tired of her noise. I just need to make sure that everything is done before I relax.

I worried a lot when one of my chores are not done because I cannot relax thinking that I have pending chores to do.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mopar Performance Parts

If you are in need of Mopar performance parts you came into the right place because I found online store for you. is the name of the online store. Please check out their website for your Mopar parts and accessories needs I am sure you will going to find a good deal.

To go in their store do not hesitate to click the link above. I hope you find what you are looking for and goodluck!

Call Sister

I am supposed to call my sister today but I just do not have time to do it right now because I am still working with my stuff plus the fact that I have to go to bed pretty soon so that my hubby will not get mad at me.

He is already up once and second time he will be mad I guess because he does not want me to stay up late especially that I needed sleep. One more to go and I am going to go to bed because I am sure I am going to be awake one my hubby is up at 4:00am.

Bye for now folks!

Free Directory

I build another website long time ago and I forget to monetize it. Now, that it is ready for submission I am going to look for free directory so that I can submit my website and it will be indexed in search engine in the next few days.

I like my website to gain more traffic and I am going to check out because I heard that they offer free directory submission. What a deal ha? You better check it out now so that you webiste will gain more traffic too.

Husband Wondering

My husband wake up and wondering what I am doing at 1:00am LOL. Supposed to be I am in bed and sleeping but here I am still working and finishing my pending tasks because in the next few days I am going to be busy.

I am sure I do not have time to go online because we have long day at work in the next three days. So, right now that I have time to do it I am going to do it because I do not want to rush stuff.

While I am working I am chatting with my friend too so the stuff really get done LOL.

Promotional Pencils

My daughter loves to write everywhere in our house. She taught that she can write anywhere she wants. I start to teach her to just write in the paper and not somewhere else. She is still confused because she is in the stage of getting into something.

I guess this Christmas I am going to buy her a promotional pencils and I am sure she will going to like it. I am going to keep it until she knows how to take care of it. I know that I should not spoil her but she is my one and only unica hija what can I do. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy too so that the way it is I guess.

Hungry Belly

I am hungry right now I just eat couple hours ago but my belly is hungry again. I guess since I am not ready for bed yet I am going to check out in the kitchen what I can have for snack.

Oh, I forgot that we buy some bread lasts night so I guess it will tied me over till morning. I do not eat from time to time but this time it is something like that LOL. Anyway, I am going to work now see you again thanks for the visit.

Myrtle Beach Golf

I am talking to my sister-in-law in the phone yesterday and she told me that she really enjoy her vacation in Myrtle Beach. She told me that Myrtle beach golf is very reasonable price and she had fun playing golf.

She is into sports and I know that she loves to play because she is really sports minded since she was young. I do know how to play golf myself but sooner I am willing to learn because I do not want people teasing me that I cannot play.

I better check out Myrtle beach golf now and see you there!


I talk to my co-workers if we can reschedule our work for next week. I want to go shopping you know after thanksgiving because the sale is only once a year. I do not want to miss the sale because that is my favorite holiday of the year.

I am shopcoholic and at the same time I want to save money. I already talk to my hubby that he needed to bring me early in the city and drop us off in the mall. I am so excited with the up coming shopping I cannot wait at that day to come.

Anyway, what about you what is your plan? Let me know lol maybe we can shop together kidding aside. Have a good day and be happy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Outer Banks Vacation Rentals

I cannot wait to see my sister in the next few months. I miss her dearly and I am going to make sure when she goes see us she will going to enjoy her vacation. That is why my hubby and I am planning to look for outer banks vacation rentals in other places so that my sister can sees other state.

Anyway, I found out that is offering outer banks vacation rentals for very reasonable prices. So, if you are looking for outer banks vacation rentals check out the link right now!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun Shopping

We went shopping today and it was so fun LOL. I was carrying my daughter for about two hours because she do not want to walk or do not want to stay in the cart which is kinda hard for me you know.

Anyway, after staying the store for few hours she behave finally. She get down in my arms and she start helping pushing the cart. That was a big relief for me because I can do better for my shopping thingy LOL.

That is all the update for today and you all have a good day.

Best Web Directory

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Watch Pacquiao vs Cotto Live Stream

Yesterday it was the Friday the 13th and today is actually November 14 which is the fight of Pacquiao vs Cotto. How I wish we have PPV so that I can watch it LOL. Anyway, if you are planning to watch the boxing fight tonight you can purchase it on PPV in affordable price.

I would love to do that but you know we have to save money. I cannot wait to see the result I want Manny to win and lets cross our fingers that he will win tonight LOL. By the way, just come back for the winning result. Keep you posted and thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I do not like the sink that we buy few months ago so I told hubby that we need to buy a new one. I am happy that my hubby agrees with me.

Today, when I was looking for affordable sink I came across At they offer amazing selection of sinks for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

So, if you need sink check out their website right now!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shopping Again

We went shopping today again because the people that work in our house run out the stuff that they needed for the house. I cannot wait to see the house get done before Christmas I am so excited because it is been awhile that were living the unfinished house.

Our goal is to finish the house before Christmas and make it presentable to other people. We do not have plan to keep the house we are planning to sell in the future for financial reason.

Someday we were going to own a house which is no need to pay monthly mortgage right now we have to keep our plan and work hard so that we have a good future in the next few years.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Plasma tv

My co-workers and I were going shopping on Monday. I cannot wait to look for price of plasma tvs because probably my hubby and I were going to buy one pretty soon. I need to look for affordable deal you know just to save money.

I guess I am going to check out online too because I heard that is offering exclusive sales on this week. So if you are looking for plasma tv just check out online store now! Thanks.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Yup, I am done working and time for me to relax and make supper LOL. I guess working the chores in the house is a normal work not unlike when you were going to work outside to earn money that was a priority work LOL.

I am tired but there are some work waiting at me. Life is always have to work I guess after making supper I am going to relax. That is all for now and you all enjoy the weekend.

Happy blogging!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fat Burner

I am super lazy today, I did not do much since I wake up. I suppose to do some excercise but I guess it will not going to happen because I do not fell like doing it. I am going to check out later if I still have enough fat burner because if not I need to buy one.

Anyway, if you are looking for fat burner please do not hesitate to click the link that I have added above. Thanks folks for the visit.


I am going to send my sister to college so that she can finish her technical course. I know that she loves to go back to school because she wants to learn more on computer and earn money later on.

I want her to finish her study so that she can work and send my nieces to college and get a degree. I am going to be disappointed if my nieces cannot go to college because they are a smart woman and they deserve to have a better life in the future.

I hope everything goes well and I am going to give you more update.

Sales Jobs

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So, what are you waiting for? Check out to find out if there are sales jobs waiting for you! You know that finding a job right now is kind of hard because of the economic crisis. So, if there is opportunity grab it and work hard of course. Thanks for the visit friends.