Saturday, October 31, 2009


I am happy that my daughter is not in my bedroom right now because I can do more work. Pretty soon she needs to come to bed because it is already her bed time. I did not feed her yet so I am going to go in the kitchen to get ready her food.

Right now I have few things to finish so I am going to finish it first before I put her to bed. She just came in my room and she has a pen in her hand. She is going to write our walls so I am going to take it away from her.

Bye for now!

Holiday Gifts

A week from now my friend and I am going shopping for holiday gifts for our family and relatives. I did not make a list yet but tomorrow for sure I am going to do it because in the next few days I will be busy with other chores.

Anyway, if you are looking for holiday gifts I will recommend you to check out the link that I have added. Thanks and have a fun shopping!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My husband is in the garage right now whiles I am doing my chores online. I did not do any work for the past few days so I need to finish my chores before I get so busy. This week I have a busy week ahead because I am going to work all week long.

I hate it and love it at the same time because I am going to earn more money and you at the same time I am going to spend more time in working. I do not like working with someone but no choice right now until I run my own business.

I have a plan in putting up a business but will see what will happen in the next few months.

Term Life Insurance

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


I like to write but the problem I do not know what topic to write. I did not do any update for many days because I am just so lazy to do it. I am getting burn out of working so laziness is there you know.

I hate when I am lazy because most of the stuff is not being done. I need to become workaholic so I am going to force myself to work even I do not like it. Laziness will not help me anyway, so working for me is really good.

That is all for now and thanks for the visit.

Car Accessories

We are supposed to use our car to go in the city but my hubby found out that the car need new car accessories. Good thing that we can buy one at online store. It is easier to buy that way because we do not have to drive.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Slipper Missing

Since morning I do not know where is my other pair of slipper. I guess my daughter brings it somewhere since she loves wearing my slipper. I have to wear other kind of slipper that I do not like.

I search where possible she puts my other slipper but nowhere to be found. I hope I will find it soon because that was my favorite slipper. I hate wearing the slipper that I do not like so I am going to search for it later.

Anyway, I am going back to work now thanks for the visit.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals

When my sister and I am talking in the phone she mention me her plan. Instead of going home she is going to visit us. I am so excited when I heard her plan because I really miss her a lot and I want to see her.

I know bringing her at Myrtle beach vacation rentals make her happy because she is a nature lover and she likes to go swimming all the time. I hope that her paperwork will be ready soon so that we can go for a vacation.

If you are planning to go for a vacation and you are looking for beach vacation rentals I suggest you to check out the link. Thanks!

Wake Up Late

I am so tired last night so I did not wake up the time that I want to wake up. I am supposed to do things online early in the morning but it did not happen because I am sleeping until 8:00am.

But, I guess I needed a rest so it is ok to wake up late sometimes. I am going to work hard so that I have enough money when we go back home. I hope my work schedule will be ok again so that I have the extra money.

Anyway, that is my update for today and I hope you all having a fun.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rackmount lcd

My parents are getting pretty old so I guess buying them the stuff that they need can makes them happy. I am planning to buy my parents a new rackmount lcd for their bedroom. I know my mother is been dreaming to have a new one so I am sure she will be very happy when she gets new rackmount lcd.

I already know which store to buy so if in case you and you're loved ones looking for rackmount lcd I will suggests you to check out store right now.

Forget Bottle

I forget to bring my daughters bottle in the room so my hubby is out right now to look for it. I think I put it in the car so I hope he find soon so that I do not have to get up while I am finishing my online chores.

I am getting really tired here so I guess I am going to finish the chores tomorrow because I cannot concentrate working. Tomorrow we have a long day so I need to have the energy for the whole day.

Before I go to bed later I am going to make sure I take my vitamins even though I do not like taking it. Anyway, that is all for now and have the fun all.

Seo Marketing Services

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Stay up late

My daughter is so sleepy right now she asks the bottle and now she is sucking it. Right now she is fine laying down by me and I did not hear the complain yet. I hope she goes to bed pretty soon because I am really trying to finish my chores.

I can work on it the other time but you know I do not have a peace of mind when I have chores that pending. I like to be done early compare of rushing stuff so I hope it works pretty good tonight.

I am almost half way has done so I guess I am going to stay up a little bit late tonight.

Office Furniture

My husband told me tonight that he will be done working in our office area pretty soon so I need to look for affordable office furniture in our office area. Today, when I was searching I came across online store.

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Calling Two Hours

I am so happy that I am able to talk to my father this morning lasts night I try calling two hours and I cannot get through to them because there phone is off for some reason.

After I wake up this morning my asawa told me to call my father right away so that he will be happy hearing from me. My father will going home in the island in Tuesday so I can call one more time.

Well, I hope I can send them money so that he can buy the stuff that he need. Anyway, see you guys for more update.

LCD Monitor

My family and I visit at my friends house today and we watch TV at their house. While were watching movie she told me that she is going to buy lcd monitor at online store.

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Work Late Tonight

My hubby and I need to be done with the paperwork until now we are not done yet so we were going to work probably late tonight. Tomorrow I am not going to work to early so that is fine with me so stay up late.

My daughter is still awake too so she still having fun until now messing up stuff. Soon I am going to put her to bed so that she can rest well for the rest of the night. We just got home not too long ago because we visit at my friends house.

By the way, thanks for the visit friends.