Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orlando Hotel Reservations

My hubby and I was checking out Orlando hotel reservations and we find a good deal online. We were going to see my friend soon so we have to book for a hotel.

My friend cannot wait to see us because it is been few years that we did not meet each other. I know we were going to enjoy our vacation because we were going to visit some of Orlando's magical attractions including Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and many more.

So, if you are looking for affordable Orlando hotel reservations just check out the link above. Thanks!

Bonding Time In Bed

My hubby and I went to Wal*Mart last night around midnight and we get back around 2:00am I was to tired today because we sleep very late in the morning. I did not do much today aside from laying down.

My daughter was so good she sleep for many hours. We have bonding time in the bed and we just get up a minute ago. My hubby is at work so I am going to prepare supper soon so that after eating supper we can go to bed right away.

I relax all day but still I am tired I guess after my chores I am going back to sleep.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Insurance Quotes

We have to look for insurance quotes so that we can compare wether we are paying too much for our insurance. We really need to save money because we were going to take a vacation for more than a month or so.

Although we did not buy ticket yet but were crossing our fingers that the paper work will be done soon so that we can fly right away. I know my family back home is so excited to see us again so it is time for us to start saving money so that when we go for a vacation and have enough cash with us.

Anyway, I am going to browse see you there!


I can tell that my daughter is tired she try to open her eyes but she cannot keep it open so there you go the bed is calling her name. I have to work late tonight so that tomorrow I can rest and less worry you know.

I admit that I am so tired from working all day long but I rather work longer compare of getting up early and then work again. My hubby is not yet home so I have plenty of time to finish my job.

I am happy that I can rest tomorrow for a little bit even I know that I have to work also around the house because tomorrow there is people that will going to look our house to see if they will going to like it or not.

I am going to give you more update later thanks for the visit.

How To Lose Belly Fat

Before my co-workers and I go to work everyday we always stop the store to buy fatening breakfast. Today, we decided not to buy any because we are gaining too much weight for the fast few months. One of my friend share a tips how to lose belly fat so I guess it will going to help me a lot to lose weight.

Anyway, if you are wondering how to lose belly fat just check out website right now! Thanks and you all enjoy the night.

Busy Like Crazy

Gosh, I am so busy. I have to run most of the time. Last week I have a crazy schedule because I decided to have a two jobs. This week I have all weeks long work and I have to wake up early to bring my daughter into my friends house so that she will baby sit her.

I am not having so much fun with my schedule because it is just like I do not get the sleep that I need and I have to work right away in the house after I get home from work.

Too much work but I guess that is life I have to work in order to survive and make money. What about you what makes you busy?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Everyday it is getting darker and darker. The cold season is coming pretty soon and I want to buy outdoor furniture covers so that our furniture is safe and do not get wreck during winter. Today, when I was looking for outdoor furniture covers I came across online store. At they offer outdoor furniture covers for very reasonable price.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun Time

I do not have a good voice right now that is why my hubby bought me karaoke machine LOL...kidding aside that was he give me during my birthday because that is the one I requested as a present.

When I was singing earlier my hubby told me that my voice improve a little bit even though I do not practice singing everyday. Well, I have to practice more because I know my voice will going to be better LOL.

Anyway, I got to go now and I am going to have fun.


During the baptism party I have hard time to decide which dress to wear because some of my dress does not fit me well because last few months I gain weight. Good thing that my friend and I went shopping for the last minute. I told to my hubby that I really need to check out apatrim diet pills because I heard that this diet pills really works well.

Anyway, if you are looking for diet pills review just check out the link that I have added above. Thanks!

Car Wash

Today, I do not have to work but same as usual I have so many pending chores inside the house. I am planning to clean the car later because it needs my attention. It is been awhile that I did not wash it.

After I get done with my online chores my daughter and I will going out so that she can play outside and enjoy the nice temperature. Sooner it will going to be cold because when I check the next two weeks temperature it says we just have a high of 59 so better enjoy the good weather while we still have it.

Anyway, I have to work now and thanks for reading.

Colon Cleanser

Today, when I was reading about colon cleanser I learned that it helps people to become healthier lose weight, eliminate acne, and many other benefits that people will get from colon cleanser.

If you are looking for colon cleanser and do not know where to go I will recommend you to visit website. At they will help you to find the best colon cleanser that will suit for your needs. Thanks and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, during my daughter baptism it went well since every person that I invite show up the reception. My pinay friend help me to cook and the food the she makes everyone likes it.

She is really good in cooking and I like the way she cook all the food for baptism. The reception held at the lake since I know everyone will going to love it. Many of my friends enjoy swimming too even though the lake is in a freezing temperature.

I myself cannot handle to go swimming because I am not used to cold water LOL. Anyway, see you again for more update. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Laptop Deals

My husband and I really looking for a cheap laptop deals because we need one pretty soon. I have an old laptop but it does not work pretty good. Today, when I was online and looking for laptop deals I came across website. At they offer affordable laptop deals.

If you are looking for laptop deals I will recommend you to check out their website right now. Thanks and I hope you all enjoying the rest of the weekdays.


I was screaming at my daughter earlier because she was ripping the paper off and she pointed at me. It just like she was telling me to shut up and do not want to hear any words from me.

I was surprised when she did it to me because that was the first time she does it. Well, I am sure I am not going to like when she did it again because it shows no respect to me at all.

Right now I am going to discipline her at her young age because she needs to listen to me when I need to tell her something. Anyway, that is all for now and have a good night.

Xbox 360

My daughter and I have the fun playing xbox 360 when we went at my cousins house. We enjoy playing all day longs and we never get tired of it. Since I know that she like it I am going to buy her a new xbox 360 so that when I am at work she has entertainment at home.

My hubby agrees that it will be good for her so that she will not get bored staying in the house when we are not around. So, if you are looking for affordable xbox 360 just check out website right now!

Many Stuff

Well, I am not working for two days now and I am still busy with so many stuff. Yesterday I meet the pastor because he need me to sign the paperwork so that my daughter christening will be done.

Finally the appointment went well and after that I pick up my friend at her house so that we can have a bonding time for a little bit. Even though we did not spend much time to one another we have so much fun.

This Sunday after the christening will going to meet again because we were going to have a picnic and I am sure everyone will going to enjoy because most of the people will be there is my kababayan.

That is my update for now and have a good day.