Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half Way Done

Yehey! I am half way done with my online chores but still I have many chores to do outside in the house like finishing my garden cleaning the car and truck. Actually even I am going to work all day long my time is not enough.

Right now I have to go out and start doing my chores outside because my hubby wanted the truck clean. Well, he knows that I can just do one job at a time because I am not a Machine LOL...

Anyway, you all enjoy the day and thanks for the visit.

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Daughter Singing

Can you hear my daughter singing? Kidding aside right now I can hear that she is singing MAMA DADA MAMAMI that was the first words she ever learn from the time she learns how to speak.

She is just a happy baby when she is not hungry. Pretty soon she will turn to 18 months old and she is growing so fast. It just like she was born not too long ago and now she is a big girl.

I love my daughter she makes me happy in every way. Anyway, will see you again for more update. Thanks for the visit folks.

Desktops Computer

Well, we do not have desktops computer right now because two of them broke not too long ago. I told to my hubby that we have to buy a new one in order for us to go online at the same time. We both like surfing in the net so one computer is not enough for us.

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Opening Drawer

My daughter keeps opening my drawer she wants to put all my clothes in the floor and play with it. I do not allow her to play with my stuff so that she knows what is toy and not. It is tiring to keep telling her not to open my drawer but I have no choice is to deal with it right now.

Well, I am sure she will learn pretty soon not to play with my stuff so I have to have many patience at this time. My daughter is still curious and wants to explore the world so MOM have to deal with it.

Anyway, have a good day all and thanks for the visit.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sorry I Cannot Talk To You

I hate to say sorry I cannot talk to you at this moment because I am busy. My friend keeps bugging me over and over with the same topic. Well, I know she needs some shoulder to cry on. But, when I am busy it makes me tired listening to it. Oh well, whatever it takes I guess I am still here to listen to it.

Right now she is whining with some stuff again while I am trying to write some entry here. I have to do multi tasking job here because I need to reply to her. Anyway, I guess I need a break right now. I am going to make a breakfast so that we can eat. My daughter is out now and waiting for me in the kitchen.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, see you later for more update.


Every morning before I go to work I always drink a cup of coffee. Drinking a cup coffee gives me energy all day long. I cannot handle without coffee because I am used to have the coffee everyday.

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Chinese Restaurant

Yesterday, my hubby and I went out together with my friend. We eat at Chinese restaurant and then after eating we went shopping. It was a fun day for me because my friend and I just seldom see one another. We have a good time having a chitchat and laughing together.

Today, I guess we were going to the city to attend my friend baby shower. I did not talk to her yet but I am going to call her soon. I am sure she will be happy when she knows that we are coming to her party. Anyway, I got to check out some stuff now and I hope you all having a good day.

Keep blogging and thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sock Monkey

Every time I go to work I feel so bad when my daughter cry. I know she does not want me to leave in the house because she wants my attention all the time. But I do not have the choice right now because my husband need my help especially when it comes to financial matter.

I guess giving her a toy that she want can makes her happy when I am not home. I observe that my daughter is a monkey lover so I am going to start collecting a toy for her. That way I can make her happy even I am not home. I am sure that she would love to have another collection of sock monkey so I am going to buy her a new one pretty soon.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Play Outside

I am going to go out right now my daughter keeps kicking the ball and wanted to play outside. Since I do not have to work tomorrow I am going to play for a little bit then do some chores when I get back.

Anyway, I am just wondering what you guys up to, well me kinda busy here for the past few days especially that I have work now. I like my work because it keeps me busy all day long and of course my earning helps a little bit when it comes to our financial matter.

You all have a good day and thanks for the visit.

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Anyway, it was so funny when I went to my friends house the other day, she drop some stuff in the corner and then when she is trying to get the stuff she cannot get in the corner because she will not fit in there. She told me if she is just slim for sure there is no problem for her to reach the stuff because she will fit the corner easily.

Well, I understand that it is not so easy to become obese because people might laugh at you and then you cannot do what you want to do especially wearing the sexy clothes. I guess my friend really need to take diet pills because right now I think that she is not so confident in herself.

Anyway, that is all for now and you all have a great time. Thanks for the visit and be happy.

Water The Plants

It is about 7:00p.m here now at my place but still I have many chores to do. I did not do much since morning so I am behind with some chores. I forget to visit my garden yet so I think soon I am going to water them.

I am happy that lately it rains so I do not need to go there and water the plants. I am so lazy to hook up the sprinkle so I have to do it manually. I hope later it rains again so that I do not have to do it tomorrow.

Anyway, that is all for now and you all have a fun day and night. See you for more update and thanks for the visit.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Internet Connection

My Internet connection drive me nuts it is so slow like turtle. I keep shutting down the computer but it does not help after all. I hate it when I have to rush my stuff and the Internet connection does not cooperate.

I guess, I am going to finish my chores tomorrow since I am tired here. Last night I did not have much sleep because the dogs keep barking all night long. She was so noisy for some reason.

Tonight I already make sure that our dog will not bother my sleep anymore because I put her where she belong. Anyway, I just want to say have a nice night all and you all have a fun night.

Bed Bug Encasement

Well, I have to packed our stuff that needed for vacation early, because after going to work on Monday we were leaving to New York for one week vacation. Although our plan for Chicago did not become successful but still we will going to New York this coming Monday.

I am so excited with the road trip we were going to experience because it is been awhile the last time we go for vacation. I need to make sure that the stuff I am going to bring with us it is safe of bed bugs. I do not like the bite of bed bugs because my skin is so sensitive plus the fact that I hate itching the bite.

As you can see in the picture I use bed bug encasement for our luggage just to make sure that we were not going to bring any bed bugs when we come home from vacation. I have to protect our stuff from bed bugs because I do not want any hassle in the future.

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you all having a good day.


We were not leaving anymore for Chicago because we found out that this coming Friday the office will be close due to the observance of Philippine Independence Day. I wait for the trip for long time because it is been planned for a while.

Oh well, I guess it is our fault because we forget that it is holiday on June 12. Since I came here I can hardly track the holiday back home because there is many stuffs going on.

I guess we have to re-schedule the trip again, I hope next time we can go there and be done renewing with my passport.


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