Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feel Better

After taking a nap I feel better. I did not sleep too long but oh boy resting for a little bit really helps me. My daughter just wake up also and now she has the energy again to play all day long.

I guess since the weather today is so nice we were going to go for a walk and do some exercise it is been awhile that I am so busy. Today we were going to enjoy the nice weather and have fun of course.

Well, that is all for now and you all have a good day.

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Ball Lover

My daughter is a ball lover and yes at her young age she like to play many balls. When you put the dolls and ball in her side she will going to choose balls. I am not a ball lover neither my husband.

I guess she just like round thing LOL. When we went to CUB FOODS the other day she will going to point the ball and wanted us to buy it. Since I do want to hurt her feelings even I do not want to spend money I buy the balls for her.

Well, do not get me wrong we never spoiled my daughter in fact she gets less stuff compare with her two sister. I love my daughter because she is a smart baby and of course she is just my one and my only unica hija.


My hubby is been asking awhile ago if he can get treadmills. Since I know that he need to do some exercise I think I am going to buy one for him.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am happy that my sis and nieces in PI is out for swimming for two days. My nieces and my sister will going to enjoy the swimming for sure because it is just seldom that they go out for outing.

I know my nieces like to go swimming but the they are far from the ocean. Well, I guess when they are old enough the can do what they want like swimming and more. Right now they have to finish their study first before they can do what the want.

Anyway, I just want to make some update here I hope you all having a good day.

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I am little bit worried because I have not talk to my sis for long time. I guess she is just busy that is why she does not have time to come online and chat with me. I already told to my hubby that if we go out later I am going to buy calling card so that I can call her.

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Mood Is Not Good

I wake up this morning late but even though I sleep well last night when I wake up my mood is not that good. I think my visitor is coming pretty soon that is why my mood keeps swinging LOL...

Well, I do not want to spoiled my day especially that the temperature outside is perfect. I am going to plant some more vegetables and water my plants. I did not find the sprinkle yet so I have to do it manually.

Yesterday, I have back pain because I carry the water jug many times. I am not used to do it so I get back pain from it. Anyway, I hope you all having a great day. Thanks for visiting and keep blogging.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vegas Hotels

My hubby told me last night that on second week of June we were going to take off for more than a week vacation somewhere in Las Vegas. I cannot wait to go there since the last time I had been there is more than a year now.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Other Girl

I have to check my other girl what she is doing. I never hear for a while so I hope she does not have a yucky present for me. I hate it when I have to do extra job because I have so many jobs always line up for the day.

I am always busy so I do not want to do another job. It is ok if I am just seating in the house and doing nothing. I have to work inside the house and online chores so I am very busy LOL.

Anyway, I have to go now and you all have a fun day. Keep blogging and thanks for the visit.

LCD Mount

We just got a big TV and I am still wondering if I want to put it in the living room or in my step daughter room. I like the old TV as well but the new TV looks more beautiful.

My step daughter wants the new TV also but I guess to make her happy I am going to give it to her. Today, I told to my hubby that I want to buy a new LCD mount and he agrees with me. After searching the price of LCD mount I found reasonable price at website.

High Wind

I just went out not too long ago to see if we have letter in the mail. When I go out the temperature is not so warm especially that we have a high wind today. How, I wish the weather will turns well so that I can start working my garden.

I am so excited to plant different kinds of vegetables. I am not really a vegetable eater but I am going to teach myself to eat some so that I have a healthy body LOL. My hubby and I already discuss what I am going to plant and he sound happy with it.

Anyway, I have to go now and thanks for visiting my paradise. Do not forget to leave comments in my chatbox so that I can visit you in return. Happy blogging and enjoy your day!

Appetite Suppressants

It is been more than a week ago that I am having problem regarding with my belly. It is upset every time I take breakfast. After eating I have to vomit because my belly does not like the food that I eat.

When I talk to my friend in the phone she told me to see a doctor so that the doctor can give me advise what is best pills for me. I guess, I am going to make an appointment later when I am not busy.

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Sounds Tired

My daughter keeps bugging me today, she sounds tired but she does not want to sleep by herself in the bed. So, I decided to made her lay down in the bed and seat next to her. Good thing that after putting her in bed she fall asleep right away.

Right now, I am still watching her to make sure that she is in a deep sleep before I leave in the room. I am not comfy doing my online chores here in the chairs because I am getting back plain.

I need to find comfy spot in the living room so that I can continue working and be done with my online chores. Anyway, just wondering what you all doing. Keep blogging and thanks for visiting.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Natural Acne Treatment

While I was chatting with my sis today, she told me that our brother in province is going back to manila to process his papers for abroad. Right now there is not much opportunity way back home especially that the economy is in bad shape. Many people way back home wanted to go abroad to find luck in other country.

I hope my brother can find a good job in abroad so that he can support his own family. I understand that it is not easy to leave a family but he does not have a choice because he need to work hard for his family future.

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No Money

While I was online earlier my co-workers send me messages she told me that she was hired by an agency to work here in the US. But her biggest problem she does not have enough money to pay for the placement fee which she really need a big bucks!

I cannot help her needs right now because I myself do not have the money I hope that she can find way how to get here in the US so that all her problem will be solve. I know that it sucks when you have an opportunity and then there are some problem.

I hope she will do her best and she can work here. Anyway, that is my update for today and I hope you all have a fun day!

Best Acne Treatment

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the clinic to get her immunization. While we are in the clinic she keeps crying and crying because she does not want to get her shot. We stayed in the clinic for about half hour because the stuff that needed for the shot is not ready so we need to seat in the chair and wait.

Anyway, her immunization went good yesterday she is been so good after the shot. But last night she got fever from it, and my daughter dit not sleep well during the night. This morning she seems fine, when I check her temperature she does not have a fever anymore and right now she is active again and keeps playing.

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