Thursday, April 30, 2009

Payment Cleared

I was wondering for two days after the person bought my item is she will going to pay me or not because she never reply any of my e-mails. When I check my e-mail this morning I was happy that paypal already confirmed that she pay the item that she purchase.

Now that they payment is cleared I can ship her item right away. I am going to the post office later and drop off her item so that I will be done with it. I have to get ready now and thanks for visiting.

Happy Blogging all and have a fun day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Barcode Scanner

I am not that tired yet but I have to go to bed early tonight so that tomorrow I am not that tired when I drive for few hours. My hubby and I were going to the city to get the trailer license and it will take us four hours to get there.

I know it is not fun driving that long but it will help me a lot to gain more experience in driving the road. Anyway, tonight I have a good news for you I found amazing deal when it comes to barcode scanner. If you want more information about it just check out the link that I have added above.

Taught it was a Virus

I taught our computer has a virus on it because it keeps shutting down and keep freezing. Today, my hubby decided to call technical support and ask for a help. I was happy that he made a smart decision and did not listen to me because if in case we were going to pay big bucks for sure. I told him that I want to bring the computer into the shop instead of calling someone in the phone.

While he was talking to the technician earlier the people help him to fixed our computer and after talking to the person it did not cost us much. My hubby found out that the problem of our computer is memory Ram it went badly and cannot store anymore that is why were having that kind of problem.

Anyway, that is all for now and you all have a goodnight sleep.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My hubby and I went to the mall yesterday he drop me off in the mall while he went to the junk yard. While, I was in the mall I didn't see any amazing offers that caught my interest so I decided not to buy any.

After we get home I went online and search for jewelry because when I was talking to my sis the other day she told me that my mother wanted to buy a new jewelry because the one that she used to have got lost.

Since Mother's Day is coming pretty soon I think it's a good idea to surprise her with a new set of jewelry as a present. Good thing, when I browse at my favorite the jewelry is on sale.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Computer Virus

I am not sure what is wrong with our computer when I was using it earlier it keeps freezing and shutting down. I think there is a virus on it and need some repair. I told my hubby that we should bring it to the store and let them checkout.

I hope we do not have to pay big bucks because I am not earning as much as it used to be. Well, let see what will happen in the next few days. Anyway, that's all for now and be happy all!

San Diego CA Hotel

Last time when my hubby and I went to California my friend invited me to visit their house. But, my hubby and I did not make it because we do not have enough time, we are in a hurry to go home because we have emergency.

This summer we were going to visit her for sure because my hubby and I already bought ticket. I told my hubby that I would prefer to stay near from my friend place because it is more easier for me since I have a little one.

I cannot wait to see her, for sure we were going to have lots of fun!

Pancake for Breafast

My daughter is sleepy I guess because she keeps sucking her fingers. She did not complain yet that she is hungry but sooner for sure she will. I am going to get ready her breakfast so that she have a happy belly LOL.

I am little bit hungry also so better go in the kitchen now and check out what I can make for breakfast. I guess pancake for breakfast is good so I need to get going now! Happy blogging folks and will see you around!

Affordable Samsonite luggage

Last night my hubby told me that he is going to fixed his work schedule this week so that we can go for a vacation. I am so excited to travel in other country and meet my friend.

I am sure when my hubby and I go for a vacation we need a new Samsonite luggage because the old one we have is not in a good shape anymore. Today, while I was online and searching for a luggage bag I found a website that offer affordable price and free shipping.

So, if you guys are looking for affordable Samsonite luggage I would suggest you to check out the link that I have provided above.

Keeps Pointing

My daughter keeps pointing at the yard yesterday I can tell that she likes to be outside instead of staying at the boring room. It is new experience for her to play outside and get dirty.

Later when the weather is nice again I am going to bring her in the park so that she can ride the swing. The last time we went there she was little bit scared and do want to go for any ride.

I am going to give you more update later have a fun day everyone!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheapest Life Quotes Insurance

Way back home not too many people has life insurance because most of them cannot afford to pay for it. Since I move here in the US and have a baby I just learn that having a life insurance is a must because when something happen to me I can leave something for my loved ones and of course I will be happy to leave in this world because I know their future is already secured.

Anyway, my hubby and I still discussing which life insurance is the best for us. We want to find an affordable life insurance that will fits for our budget. Today, when I was searching for life insurance I came across At they provide the best competitive affordable term rates for family & couples across the united states from all major companies. Lower your costs and get the cheapest insurance life available anywhere online.

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Fun Place

When my daughter was about six months old she loves to ride every toys LOL now that she is getting bigger she is turning to become a chicken. However, as you can see in the picture it looks like she is having fun with my other extra girl.

Everytime we go at Wal*Mart I always bring my daughter into the fun place so that when she grow up she will going to get used riding. I do no like her to turn like me do not like to go any ride because I am scared.

I remember when I was pregnant I went to a ride and after riding I keep crying LOL my hubby I think what little bit embarrass the way I act after the ride hahaha. Anyway, that's my update for now will see you later.

Vehicle Insurance

It is been more than a year ago since we stop using one of our car because something wrong with it. So, after not using it for a while we told our insurance company that we were going to stop paying the car insurance. Now, that my hubby is start fixing the car again we were going to look for affordable vehicle insurance because the last insurance we have is little bit expensive.

Today, when my friend and I chatting online she told me that she found a website that offer affordable insurance which is worth checking out. If you guys are looking for auto insurance I would suggest you to visit website now! At Americancarquotes they offer Insurance for Students, Collision Insurance, and many more.

If you want to know more information please do not hesitate to click the link that I have provided above. Thanks for visiting and I hope you all having a good day!

Happy To Be Out

My daughter and I just went out to go in the mail box to check out if we have mail for today. I can tell that my daughter is happy while we are outside because she keeps screaming and laughing hard.

When we are about to go inside the house, she cries and do want to go in so I decided to stay outside for few minutes. After, going out I put her in the crib so that she can take her nap.

Until now she is just playing in her crib and didn't sleep yet when I look at her she try to get my attention in order to let her out. Well, I guess she need to take a nap first before she can play again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Diet Pills

As you can see many diet pills now are around in the market but choosing a right one is little bit confusing because most company claim that there product are the best.

Remember that you should choose a right diet pills that appropriate for your body so that it work for you the best. Today, I found a website that offers Safety, Weight Loss Power, Ingredient Quality, Customer Feedback, Reorder Rates, and Company Reputation, when it comes to diet pills.

So guys, just check out the link that I have added above for more information. Thanks for visiting!

Happy Monday

Good morning everybody how was your Monday so far? Mine is alright a little bit busy here doing some errands inside the house. I need to finish my online job first so that my baby and I can take a bath together.

Right now she is in the room while I was in the kitchen. I know when I get up earlier she is awake but she didn’t complain yet to ask some milk so far she is behave today LOL...

Anyway, just a quick update just checking you out folks here I hope you all having fun see you around later.