Friday, March 27, 2009

Gen-Y Blog

Until now we are not sure yet when is the recession will going to end. Many people lay off from their job already and still have the plenty of workers is in danger to loss their job. I am going to see that this is the right time to tighten our belt and spend money wisely is the best.

Now that the economy is getting tougher I am scared that I may not secure my kids future. I always remind them to finish their degree no matter what. As a parent I need to become more resourceful how to earn more money so that I can start saving for their future needs.

Today, when I was reading Gen-Y Blog it inspires me because at her young age she wants to pursue her career in law and eventually to be a Supreme Court justice. If you do not know Chloe Mays she is a 10th grader in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. She hopes that we support her Teen Blog that contains topic such as; Teen issues, College selection, Volunteering, College Scholarships and many more. Please check out her blog now for more information.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weird Weather

We have a weird weather right now, the sun is shining but the snow is falling LOL...the whole week is back to freezing temperature again.

The weather is getting better though compare last month that always have snow in the road. I cannot wait until the weather will become nice again so that my baby and I can go for a long walk.

I know that this coming summer my daughter will enjoys the weather because she can go outside and play. Not unlike when it is freezing temperature she has no choice just to stay in the house and get bored.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bed Frames

In winter time my daughter sleeps well during the night if I put many blanket in our bed. She wants to be warm all night long and when she is taking a nap. Now that she is getting older I think it is time to sleep in her own bed.

Her eldest sister has an old bed that needs a new bed frames, that is why today I went online and search for a stores that offer affordable one. While I was online I found out that store is offering bed frames, bed rails, bed frame supports, luxury sheets, and mattress pads for very reasonable prices.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh Smells

I put my daughter in bed so that I can do my errands inside the house, while I was working my tasks earlier I forgot that she is alone in the bed. I just realize that it is time to check her when I heared her screaming hard and keep saying MAMA.

Right now, that she is awake I put her in the crib so that I can continue doing my unfinish job. I can hear the complain that she wants to get out in her crib so that she can play.

Soon, we were going to take a bath so that when her Dad got home from works we are both smells good. Anyway, have a good day everyone and be happy!

Cheap Weight Loss Pills

One night when we are in the store my hubby pointed a lady and told me look at that one soon you will be like that if you do not watch your figure. I agree with him because lately I gain too much weight which is probably I need weight loss pills right now.

Good thing that I know where to buy weight loss pills for very affordable price online. If in case you are looking for reasonable price when it comes to weight loss pills just simply click the link above for further details.

Hunting For Job

Hunting for a job is not so easy because every now and then you need to check out if there is available spot the job that you're looking for.

Like earlier when I go out to get a job application the company won't even give me any application to fill out because the reason is there not currently hiring. The lady told me that I need to inquire everyday via telephone if the are hiring.

Well, I really hope to has a job soon so that can help pay of some bills.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vaginal Dryness

After my little one I am dealing with vaginal dryness problems due to stress because that time I am not yet adjusted of having a new baby. I am happy that the doctor prescribed me the medicine that can help ease my problems.

We all know that all woman has the possibility to have vaginal dryness problem. Anyway, if in case you are dealing with this kind of stuff and you want to find an amazing solution I would suggest you to check out the link that I have added above.

Lucky To Have My Asawa

My hubby and I went to the city, while we are on our way he asked me if I want something from Pizza Hut I told him that I do not feel like eating, normally I am the always one who told him that I want something to eat LOL...

He knew the last couple days I cannot eat much food because I do not feel good. I am lucky that my asawa is always there no matter what. I am so blessed to have him I cannot ask for more.

Anyway, I hope you, guys having a good day be happy and keep blogging!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Travel Insurance

I cannot wait until my hubby and I will go for a vacation in my country back home hopefully this year, I am sure my parents will be happy to see us and I know they are so excited to see my little one because it is there one and only Fil-Am granddaughter.

But we all know that sometimes traveling is tiring especially when there are circumstances happen such as sickness, injury, and travel delay. That is why having travel insurance is a must especially when your planning to go for a vacation.

If you want more information about travel insurance plan just simply click the link above.

Feel Much Better

After laying down in the bed for the whole day yesterday I feel much better today I taught I will be sick for a while because I feel so much pain last night I couldn't sleep whatever I do.

I'm happy that my hubby is always in my side ready to listen my complain. After I take medicine at about 3:00am it helps me a lot it put me to sleep and knock me down.

When I wake up this morning I still fell little bit dizzy but not as like yesterday, Oh my, I hate when I am sick because I cannot take care of my family especially my little one.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vegas Vacations

The most unforgettable vacation that I ever had is when my hubby and I went to Las Vegas a year ago. While we are there my hubby and I have so much fun we take a tour in many places that we never been there before. During the night we enjoy walking the strip and looking the amazing view. It was a memorable experience that I will never forget.

Anyway, If you guys are planning to take a vacation in Las Vegas I would suggest you to check out Vegas vacations for further details.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wide Awake

Finally, my daughter is wide awake now she is looking for some food and it is not ready yet because I was busy doing my stuff online while she was sleeping.

She is not so hyper yet so I am sure she can handle after I am done writing with my post. So, for today I have also an extra kid to take care and right now I am not sure what she is doing.

I better check her out to make sure that she is not making a big mess. So, have fun guys and be happy!

European Cruises

The last time I meet my close friend is when I was in my country back home. Now that she lives in Europe it would be nice if my hubby and I can visit her soon. Today when I was looking for affordable European cruises I found out that is offering Europe Hot Deals and Cruise Specials.

If you guys are planning to go for a Europe Cruises I would suggest you to check out their website for further information.

Aquarium Need To Be Clean

It is been a while ago the last time we clean our aquarium I think the last time we did the cleaning is when we live the old house. Right now it really required immediate attention because the water is really dark.

Later if I have enough time I am going to change the water and clean the stuff inside the aquarium. The fish for sure won’t have fun swimming for few hours in the small bucket but no choice they need to deal with it LOL...

Anyway, I hope you guys having a good day happy blogging and will see you later for more update.

Discount Bath Fixtures

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Busy Life

I will be very busy today because I have so many pending tasks need to be done I need to clean the house, check out some bills that need to be paid off, plus online chores.

Huh, what a busy life but at least I am going to make myself useful instead of just setting and watching TV together with my daughter.

Right now she is in her crib taking a nap and I have opportunity to finish some chores while she is not requiring my attention. Mama's life is hard but it is really fun to take care of a baby.

MS Instruction

My friend and I start searching for a job about six months ago but still we didn't find a right one for us. If still I cannot find one soon I think I am going back to school to get a degree. With the high technology we have right now I am going to choose the option of studying at home because it is easier for me and my baby I can take care of my family while I am studying at the same time.

If you guys are looking for online school and planning to take MS Instruction I would suggest you to check out ST. Xavier's online Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. The good news about ST. Xavier University Online School it is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). So, for sure that they will provide the higher level when it comes to enhances your understanding of curricular issues.

For more details just simply visit the link that I have provided above.