Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Busy Crawling in the Floor

My daughter is still busy crawling in the floor, she is so lazy to walk even she is able to do it. Right now, I think she is heading where I am LOL which is I need to put my mouse up because she will grab it without saying a word.

She is always alert to help me when she seen I am busy doing my stuff online, how I wish when she grew she is still like that which is for sure her MOM when get old need her help.

Anyway, have a blessed Sunday all and enjoy!

Outdoor Furniture

Are you excited with this coming summer? My hubby and I do! We can't wait to do some outdoor activities such as planting trees, walking, cleaning, swimming and many more.

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Mama I Need BABA

My daughter was complaining not too long ago while I was playing online games she is trying to reach her bottle which is means MAMA I need my baba LOL...

I didn't give her a bottle instead I prepare her food and feed her; Mom is smart enough and know her needs. Right now, she is satisfied and happy while she is trying to dance her favorite music Barbie girl.

Soon, I am going to upload her video dancing Barbie girl which is really cute of her especially when she wiggle her hips, Anyway, happy blogging and have a blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Black Friday

When my friend and I go shopping last Black Friday I didn't enjoy it because so many shoppers around the mall. We have hard time reaching the stuff that we want because the stores are really crowded.

I promise myself that next time I won't go that store anymore especially if it is Black Friday instead I am going to go shopping online because I found a good deal at when it comes to Electronics, Computers, Games, Toys, DVDs, Jewelry and much more.

I had been hook up...

Gosh, I had been hook up to watch this telenovela for few weeks my day is not complete if I cannot watch the next series. I like watching many shows in my favorite site.

I hope some of my favorite shows the story will be done soon so that I can do other stuff online instead of watching teleserye all the time.

Sometimes I do not want to go out because I don't want to miss a line LOL...By the way thanks for the visit guys have a good day and be happy!

Affordable Diet Product

Nowadays, there are so many company that offer diet pills for very reasonable price but choosing a right pills is kind of confusing because most of them claim that there product are the best.

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Being Good Today

My daughter is being good today she just want to stay in her crib and play with her toys while I am busy doing some errands. I hope she behave for long time.

I need to do my best to finish all my chores online so that when hubby came home we can spend quality time together. I like to watch movie together with him so I am going to make an early super tonight.

I hope you guys doing alright will see you soon for more update Happy Blogging!

Machu Picchu Travel

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Rice Ronnie For Lunch

It take me long time to decide what I am going to have for lunch after checking what we got in the kitchen I decided to make Rice Ronnie.

I really don't like it because we just have it last night for supper but no choice because I am so lazy to make some other menu. So, later I am going to dig some recipe to make yummy supper and for sure hubby would appreciate it.

Anyway, happy blogging guys and have a good day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleep Number Bed

My hubby and I need to buy a new bed in our room because the old one that we got is already broke and sleeping on that bed is not anymore comfy.

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Eating and Working

I am eating and working at the same time right now, I need to hurry up doing my task online because I am going to go out and pick up someone at school.

My daughter is not also ready yet so I need to get out my butt soon in the computer chair. I hope I will be done within ten minutes because whether I am ready or not I need to go out pretty soon.

Anyway, I hope you guys having a good day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best Diet Pills

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hard Stuff

I ordered food at my favorite fast food earlier but I am not really satisfied with the service I get from them because the stuff that they gave me is kind of old.

I told to my hubby that I am not going to finish it because I don't like the taste of it and I have hard time chewing. Usually I always finish the food but today didn't work too well for me.

I hope next time when I purchase from them they gave me better stuff so that I get what I pay!!! Anyway, I am just sharing my experience today; I hope you guys have a good day!

MS Mursing

With the tough economy we have right now I myself having hard time to find a regular job I hope soon I can find one so that I can help my hubby to pay off some bills. Earlier when I was watching TV I heard the news that many employees were going to loss their job due to the recession, the company need to cut back their expenses so that the business will continue alive.

My hubby suggested me to continue my study since right now the only field that not much affected with the recession is the people working in medical field. I am considering getting a MS nursing course because I love taking care of people and at the same time after I graduate I have the chance to earn good money.

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