Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cost of the Ticket

My hubby just check how much the cost of the ticket when we fly on December. It was really expensive I hope it will goes down when we purchased one.

If the ticket price will be the same I guess it's not the right time to go home. I am going to be watchful because I really want to get a best deal in purchasing a ticket.

Anyway, see you later guys.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mill Town

My husband and I just arrived from Mill Town. I supposed to fill up an application but we did not make it because it was already closed when we get there. I hope on Monday we can go their again so that I can apply for a job.

Right now, I am so excited that I am going to have a job again. Well, see you later guys have a fun night and keep blogging. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Waiting for Fish

Do you have plan to go fishing? Well, I am right now, I am still waiting at some fish to come in my net. Until now I did not see any. I guess this is not a right time to do fishing.

I hope I can catch a fish before I go to bed. Fishing is fun but when no fish in the net it is tiring. I hope you, guys doing well. Well, see you later for more update.

Keep smiling and rocking your blog.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

People in PI

I do not know why people in Philippines think that when you live here in US they taught that is just easy to find money. They keep asking their family from US to send them some money.

Oh my, I am not the person that will spoiled my family when it comes to financial. If there able to work why should depend on you? If you do not you know by sending them too much money we are just teaching them to become lazy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sad News

Today I am not so busy I am just reading some website. While I am surfing I came across to one website the head line news is about crimes in manila.

The news is so sad because after the girl fight for the bad people the guys stabbed her. Oh my, it is really scary to live in the big city.

Anyway, see you later guys for more update.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still Waiting

I am still waiting for my hubby. I am expecting him to be home right now but I guess he is still busy doing some carpet. I'm not sure what he wants for supper because he didn't tell me before he left in the house earlier.

Oh well, I guess I am going to make him grilled cheese for supper. He will be happy for sure because he likes it too much. Have a fun night guys and see you later for more update.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucky to have Friends

My friends and I were on the phone earlier having chit chat. I was happy that even we are far from each other we never forget to call each other.

It was really fun when you have a loving friend and always there to support you. I hope our friendship will last forever and won’t change.

I am so lucky to have them, there always in my side no matter what happen.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Too Long To Wait

My family and I have planned to fly to Philippines this coming December. I can't wait to see my family back home especially my cute nieces.

I hope the ticket price went down so that we can afford to pay for it. We really need to make a tough decision because right now, flying to Philippines is not so cheap.

I hope our house will get sold so that we can take a vacation.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Soap and Shampoo Tag

My friend Beth, give me a buzz telling me that I have something to do in her site. Right away, I visit her site to check what is waiting for me. I found out that she give me something the Soap and Shampoo Tag.

Anyway, thanks Beth for this tagged you always remember when it comes to tagging LOL. I am sure that I am going to have fun in answering this.

Ok, here it is:

Soap and Shampoo Tag

::Start Copy::
1. You can include in the post a picture of your favorite soap or the sopa you are currently using.
2. Please post this in the blog which you will add in the “blogs that joined.” You can add unlimitted number of blogs as long as this tag is posted there.
3. Please link back to the person who tagged you and pass this tag to many of your friends.
4. If you have more than one blog, please post this to all of your blogs so your other blogs can be listed to the master list too.
5. Remember to come back here at DANCING IN MIDLIFE TUNE (pls. don’t change this link) and leave the exact post url so I can add you to the master list as this is one way to help increase our rankings and improve our Technorati Authority. :)
6. Tag as many friends as you can.

BLOGS THAT JOINED:Dancing in Midlife Tune - Aeirins Collections - BiznHoney - Kidd Designs - My One Desire – Eds Mommy Life - Tasteful voyage - Filipina in Hawaii~ Everything Under the Sun ~ Woman Under God's Grace ~Mels- Hot Mama you're next---

These are some of the soaps we use ~Soap Questions:
1. Favorite Soap: Dove and Safeguard
2. Facial Soap: Ponds
3. Body Soap: Dove
4. Intimate Soap: Dove
5. Laundy Soap: Tide
6. Undies Soap: Same soap we use for laundry
7. Baby Soap: Jonhson's
8. Favorite Shampoo: Heand and Shoulders
9. Favorite Conditoner: Head and Shoulder ( Classic Clean )
10. Baby Shampoo: Johnsons

End Copy::

I am giving this tagged to all my friends grab it guys if you have time have fun!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forgot to Online

I am waiting for my sister to come online. I forgot yesterday that suppose to be we we're going to chat but my hubby and I went to the lake yesterday to watch the girls tubing.

I just received the offline messages of my sister telling me that she was waiting for me to come online. Oh well, I am going to send her messages now to explain what happen yesterday.

Have fun guys and keep rocking you're blog.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Milk

I just checked the refrigerator and we don't have enough milk. I forgot to drop by yesterday at Wal-Mart to buy some stuff. I hope my hubby will be home soon so that we can go for shopping. Right now, I need to use hot coco as my drink.

Anyway, as long we have milk tomorrow morning I am sure I will be fine for the day. See you later guys for more update. Keep rocking your blog and thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just received a phone call from my friend she wants to know if we we're going to Filipino store and do some shopping. I told her that it will be in the afternoon.

She wants to go with us and I guess I can't say no. Since she is living far from us we we're not going to pick her up she needs to drive to town and when she get there my hubby and I we're going to pick her up there.

I hope tomorrow will be a good day so that we enjoy our shopping.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Out with Friends

My friends and I we're going out today. We we're going shopping and after that we we're going to eat at Chinese Restaurant. My hubby will baby sit my daughter.

It's nice to have a break sometimes and have fun with friends. I can't wait until we get in the mall for sure I am going to hunting Victoria secret again.

I am so addicted in their perfume I guess that is the one I am going to buy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Searching Stuff

We just arrived from the town; I just help my husband at work for a little bit then after that I told him to bring me back home so that I can do some chores.

I suppose to water the yard grass today, but I can't find the sprinkle. I search all over the house but I don't know where it is. Oh my, I spend too much time in searching that stuff.

I hope we find it soon.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going Out

My husband and I we're going out today. I am going to help him to work in his brother's house. I will be home later to do my stuff at home.

Right now, we're going to town to get some stuff. I hope when we get home I will be done with all my chores so that I have peace of mind when I go to bed.

See later guys for more update.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pine City

My husband and I are planning to go in Pine City today. I am going to get an application for job. I hope I can go work in cheese factory so that I can help him to pay some bills.

It would be great if we can move on and start saving some money. Oh well, I am going to do my best so that I can work their and start earning money.

See you later guys for more update.