Friday, March 28, 2008

Work Hard

I was working hard for my three blogs. Everytime I have time to updated I do. I am so excited what will be the outcome soon of the things I am doing on the net. I like gaining friends from all over world and at the same time earning few bucks.

I remember how I was frustrated before how can I create a nice blog. And after creating one it was banned by google. I put some adsense in my blog and I don't really know the rules. So I make a wrong click in some advertisment in my blog and right away it was banned.

It takes three weeks before I got back my account. I was convience of one of my friend to make another one. The second blog that I made is one of my favorite I was focusing there and just for a month I got page rank on it. But later on google slapped my page rank.

Have a Blessed Friday Everybody and be happy!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Running Three Blogs

I just decided to make two blogs before but now it become three. I buy domain twice and I taught I can't use the other domain that I purchase. Until now Im still working on the settings about the other domain I purchase.

I try to transfer this site to a domain yesterday but my posting didn't show. That's why I need to remove the domain for a while. I hope soon I can fix the problem it really gives me headache in thingking that my domain will be wasted.

I wanna work hard on all of my blogs because I want something on it (lol). I hope this site of mine will be done soon and all I need to do is posting. Anyway Happy tuesday all and enjoy blogging!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Yehey Im so happy after few weeks having headache regarding domain finally its working. Im so thankful that I didn't delete the domain that I purchase in yahoo if in case its a big waste of money.

After talking to my friend in New York she give me lots of hints how can I switch my blogspot to domain. Thank you so much Ate Tess for giving me the information I'm trully blessed to know you.

Im so excited to work on this page hope soon this will become a presentable site. I love blogging and earning at the same time hope all my effort will become worth someday. Have a blessed monday everybody and welcome to my new site!!!